Andromache, daughter of Eëtion, king of wooded Thebe-under-Placus in the Troad, was the devoted wife Of Hector. In Book 6 after she has said her goodbye to him, she mourns for him as if dead already. When she sees Achilles dragging his body behind his chariot, she faints. Her father and seven brothers had all been killed by Achilles,and her son Astyanax was killed in the sack of Troy. After the Iliad she still has an eventful life. She became slave and concubine to Neoptolemus, and bore him sons - arousing the jealousy of Neoptolemus' wife Hermione (daughter of Helen and Menelaus). Later still, after the death of Neoptolemus, she became the wife of a fellow-slave, Helenus, Hector's brother. At this point they were visited by Aeneas (Virgil Aeneid 3). Even later, after Helenus' death, she went back to the site of Troy with her son Pergamus, who founded Pergamum there.