ApolloApollo, often called Phoebus Apollo is son of Zeus and Leto, and sister of Artemis. He was born on Delos, a remote island where his mother was trying to escape the wrath of Hera. He is young, good-looking, and embodies the excellence of the Homeric warrior. In the Iliad he is not yet the sun-god: he is a warrior with the bow and god of prophecy; he kills with disease and also cures wounds (eg Hector in Book 14). In Book 1 he punishes the Greeks for Agamemnon's refusal to return his priest's daughter, Chryseis, to her father. He is totally committed to the Trojan side, although he deserts Hector at the end. He takes insults from Achilles, but, of course will be revenged when he helps Paris kill him.