Diomedes, son of Tydeus (who was one of the Seven against Thebes) was the youngest of the major Achaean heroes at Troy, and king of Argos and Tiryns. He took 80 ships. He goes on the rampage in Books 5 and 6 (his aristeia), giving us a taste of what the sulking Achilles must have been like. We first meet him refusing to be drawn into an argument with Agamemnon about his courage: he soon shows it in battle, taking on even gods in his onrush. He is also an excellent cousellor and strategist. In Book 6 he meets Glaucus, the Lycian, and discovers that their grandfathers were xenoi (guest-friends) - so they exchange armour instead of fighting. (But Diomedes still comes off best, getting gold for bronze).