Your mother Thetis hears you from deep down in the sea
You are Thetis. You hear your son's scream of anguish - and all the other Nereids join you in a lament for his suffering:
Glauce Thaleia Cymodoce Nesaea Speio Thoe Halie Cymothoe Actaee Limnoreia Melite Iaera Amphithoe Agaue Doto Proto Pherusa Dynamene Dexamene Amphinome Calianeira Doris Panope Galatea Nemertes Apseudes Callianassa Clymene Ianeira Ianassa Maera Oreithuia Amatheia
Then you go to comfort him. He has lost his best friend and his father's armour. He just wants to die - once he's killed Hector. You remind him that this is his fate anyway. He is resigned to death, as Heracles was. You will help him have his revenge. Tomorrow you will bring new armour for him.

t h e   c l a s s i c s   p a g e s