Athena blows Hector's spear back to him - only a gentle puff of breath for a goddess
You are ACHILLES. You dash in to finish Hector off, but Apollo hides him in a mist. You are enraged, and tell him (wherever he is!) that the next time you meet, he is dead. Meanwhile you take your fury out on lesser Trojans:
Dryops: in neck with spear      Demuchus: spear in knee, finished with sword       Lagonus       Dardanus       Tros: begged for mercy, but got sword in liver       Mulius: javelin in one ear and out the other       Deucalion: spear in arm, then beheaded with sword       Rhigmos: javelin in lung       Areithous: knocked from chariot     

The underneath of your chariot is spattered with blood, as you cruise the battlefield looking for more victims. Meanwhile Athena has split the Trojans. Some are in retreat on the plain...

t h e   c l a s s i c s   p a g e s