Aulis Erythrae Thisbe, rich in doves Coronea Haliartus Plataea Thebes Orchomenus Daulis Locri Calchis Eretria Histiaea Athens Salamis Argos Tiryns Hermione Asine Aegina Mycenae wealthy Corinth Cleonae Lacedaemon Pylos Tegea Mantinea Stymphalus Dulichium Cephallenia Ithaca woody Zacynthus Calydon Cnossus Gortyn Phaestus Rhodes Carpathus Cos Trachis Phthia Pherae Iolcus Ithome Dodona
The "Catalogue of Ships"

The entire Greek army moves out from camp to be inspected by Agamemnon. They are as many and restless as the unnumbered flies that swarm round the cowsheds in spring, when the pails are full of milk.

The places where some of the contingents come from are scrolling by above. Names of three of the leaders are below:

t h e   c l a s s i c s   p a g e s