Machaon is the physician who attends to Menelaus' wound
You are AGAMEMNON. While Machaon sucks the blood out of your brother's wound, you go round the army exciting them with the prospect of Trojan blood. You find something to praise in all your commanders except for two.

Which were the two criticised:

Choice 1 Nestor
Choice 2 Diomedes
Choice 3 Ajax son of Telamon
Choice 4 Ajax son of Oileus
Choice 4 Odysseus
Choice 4 Idomeneus the Cretan
Idomeneus the Cretan --- Nestor, the Gerenian horseman --- Ajax son of Telamon --- Diomedes son of Tydeus --- Ajax son of Oileus --- Odysseus of the nimble wits ---


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