Ajax is anxious to get down to business, but Odysseus makes the first appeal
You are ODYSSEUS. In a long speech you tell Achilles about the disaster facing the Greeks. "Hector will attack our ships at dawn tomorrow. We shall all die. Only you can save us. Your father Peleus warned you to control your pride: it's not too late to do so. Give up your quarrel, and Agamemnon will give you:-

7 tripods        10 talents of gold         20 copper cauldrons        12 racehorses          7 Lesbians          Briseis          20 Trojan women when Troy is sacked          A choice of his 3 daughters to marry          a vast dowry          7 towns

If you can't bear to make it up with Agamemnon, think of the rest of us."

How impressed is Achilles by Odysseus' speech?

A lot?      A bit?      Absolutely not in the slightest?
t h e   c l a s s i c s   p a g e s