NestorNestor, son of Neleus, the "Gerenian horseman" was king of Pylos, and the oldest man (by far!) in the Achaean army. He is very old, and still fights, but he is best known for his sage advice and ideas. He tries to pacify Agamemnon and Achilles in Book 1, suggests the embassy in Book 9, and masterminds the night raid in Book 10. His stories are long-winded and rambling - but he's always treated with the utmost respect. After the Iliad he lost his son Antilochus, who'd replaced Patroclus as Achilles' friend (killed by Memnon, the new Hector), but was one of the few to reach home safely. The splendid Mycenaean palace at Englianos near modern Pylos must have belonged to Nestor or his family.