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Resources for teaching Latin and Greek

Latina pro viatoribus

Latin is included along with dozens of other languages in a universal web travellers' phrasebook. They helpfully point out that although Latin is "dead", it is spoken in the Vatican City. A marvellous, if bizarre idea - slightly spoiled by mis-spellings. But if you want to be able to translate Latin phrases instantly into Afrikaans or Hungarian, this is for you! Site is now hideously commercialised (March 2004) - but if you scroll down and choose "Latina, Latin" in "the language you speak" it still works inits inimitable way.

Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar

A favourite Latin grammar, dating from the turn of the century. The English of this grammar is formal and slightly antiquated ("I be dancing"), but is an excellent resource for students of Latin.

Latin Teach Web Page

Sharon Kazmierski's excellent and enthusiastic base for supporting Latin Teachers worldwide. She also operates a mailing list - details on the site. Also an excellent and frequently updated set of links (much better than anything on my site!)

A saucy Latin text

with hypertext links to grammar and vocabulary.

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