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Hi! My name is Craig and I love the site. I Like to think that I am a myth expert myself. I was Wondering if I could play a little game of Stump The Oracle. Name the "kids" of Echidna and Typhon. No Cheating !!! if you already know this I'll think of somthing harder.Thanks. Bye

Too easy if you know your Hesiod! (Theogony) - Orthos, Cerberus, the Chimaera, the Sphinx, the Hydra and the Nemean lion: wouldn't have wanted to meet that family in the park!

Here's one for you:
"In one of the legends surrounding Odysseus in his adventures following the Odyssey, he was transformed into a horse by a companion of Circe who kept him in a stable until he died of old age. Who was this enchantress - a personification of the sea, who shared her name with a 16th/17th century painter?"
Get that, and I'll be truly impressed!