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Hi Andrew - I sent this announcement out in a global send, but i don't think it went anywhere. Anyway, talk this up all you can, OK? Thanks. You're actually in it.

I would be grateful if you could spread the word about this new resource for teachers who touch on the ancient world in their classrooms: the on-line Survey of Audio-Visual Resources for Classics, an on-line comprehensive list of all teaching resources (except textbooks) concerning the ancient civilizations of Rome and Greece. Topics include mythology, history, literature, language study, archaeology, art, philosophy, drama - over 2500 products from over 100 distributors listed. A portion of the survey is also devoted to the ancient Near East and Middle East.

An abridged version of this survey (the Survey of Audio-Visual Resources for Classics) has already been published as a service to the Classics teaching community (see the journal Classical World, Volume 93.4, March/April 2000). But the on-line version has new features, more info and can reach a wider range of teachers. An entire section of the survey is devoted to Elementary/Middle school teachers:

Looking for a video on Pompeii? An interactive cd-rom game set in ancient Rome or Greece? Slides of the Colosseum, Delphi, or Roman Britain? A performance of a Sophocles play in English or a Plautus play in Latin? Video and audio lectures by Classics scholars on everything from Plato to the Aeneid to the Fall of the Roman Empire? Comic strips in Latin? Archaeology kits? Posters of the gods to decorate your classroom? Latin and Greek lessons on tape or disk? Board games which teach about the Circus Maximus or Latin/Greek word roots? Maps, books on tape, and yes, even filmstrips? Coloring books, jigsaw puzzles, transparencies and activity books for our littlest Classics aficionados? T-shirts, buttons, notecards, coffee cups with Latin phrases? Museum reproductions of ancient art?

Everything can be found at

Thank you for putting an announcement on your website about this new resource so everyone can benefit from it. And please feel free to send this message to anyone else who can help spread the word! Our goal is to promote Classics in and out of the classroom!

Janice Siegel (aka Dr. J) (Dr. J's Guide to the Classical World) (Survey of AV Resources for Classics

Dear Dr J
Excellent - I'll link to it from my Top 20 sites (which is also available to JACT, potentially all Classics Teachers in UK!)