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I'm so glad to find someone who may be able to help me! I am a police detective for a jurisdiction in Atlanta, Ga. Our S.W.A.T team is currently looking for a Latin motto. This motto must be short because we are trying to have it inscribed on rings that we have on order. (similar to class rings)
We would love to have something strong and dignified. Possibly something involving pride, unity, honor, dedication, fighting as one, overcoming diversity, fighting hard, etc.
Other background info.:
Our commander continuously talks about being "fit to fight". Another of his favorites is, "train as you fight." (training as hard as you would fight if it were real)
Our entry team is called the Thunderbolt Team. Our sniper/observers are called the Guardian Team. Maybe something involving one or both of these names?
Hopefully this info. will give you an idea of what we're looking for. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you for making yourself available to people who need help.

This is a thrill - SWAT teams are something I've only seen on TV here is England!
There's rather a lot of material to choose from - so I'm going with the KISS principle and suggesting "pugnando aptissimi" (fittest for fighting).
Best wishes