t h e   c l a s s i c s   p a g e s   l e t t e r s

Dear Loxias,
     As a high school Latin teacher who has only
 been "netted" for two months, I wanted to thank
 you so much for all the time and effort you have
 put into your pages.  I came upon them accidently
 yesterday while trying to find information about 
 Dr. Ammondt's Elvis recordings which in turn led 
 me to your Herodotus Page.  It has been a delight 
 to see what you have done, and I have happily spent
 over an hour playing your Odysseus game and otherwise
 roaming about.  Do you have objections to students 
(8th grade and up) using you as a resource for questions?
 Here in the states we are getting bombarded with 
 technology initiatives, and my supervisor has decreed
 that the world languages department use the net to
 engage our students.  Of course, he is convinced that 
 there is nothing for Latin people on here.  Won't he
 be surprised when I come in with everything that I have
 located?  What you have done is not only informative,
 but it is also fun.  The students will love it.  Thank you
Cara Magistra
Of course encourage your students to use me in any way they like! I sympathise with your predicament - but Classics (as usual) is ahead of the field when it comes to using IT. Which other subject has anything resembling Perseus? Best wishes for the new term (semester?)