Telemachus, son of Odysseus

In Eumaeus' hut

Yes, having landed on the other side of the island to escape the Suitors' ambush, you go to see Eumaeus, the swineherd, one of your father's few totally loyal servants. Eumaeus welcomes you "like a long-lost son" (irony!). There is a rather disgusting-looking beggar staying with him. You are polite, and say you'd like to welcome him to the palace, but can't because of the Suitors. You send Eumaeus to tell Penelope that you're safe - and when you go back into the hut the beggar has been transformed into a handsome god-like figure. He looks just as you imagined your father would look. You immediately realise it is your father. The reunion is a touching moment, but there's no time to be sentimental; there are plans to be made. Together you must now plot the Suitors' destruction. You explain the problem. There are 108 Suitors and only two of you.

But your father tells you your cause is just: you will have Athena and Zeus on your side. You will now go home. Odysseus will follow in his beggar's disguise, and get inside the palace somehow. When he gives you the nod, you are to make an excuse to remove all the weapons from the hall, and hide some handily for the two of you.

From now on you will work together as a team, and you will be part of Odysseus' story.

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