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You are the wise and beautiful Penelope, daughter of Icarius of Sparta, cousin of Helen of Troy. You haven't seen your husband Odysseus, or heard from him, for nearly 20 years. He went off to fight at Troy, but that fell to the Greeks ten years ago. In the last four years, attracted by your wealth and beauty, over 100 Suitors (108 actually) have been pestering you to forget Odysseus and marry them.

While you wait for their decision, they are making themselves at home in your house, with a party every night at your expense. Your problem is how to get rid of them without having to marry one - for you don't accept that Odysseus could be dead. Your son Telemachus, who was only a baby when his father left for Troy, is no longer a boy - but is he yet a man?

This evening, you've come down from your room, where you spend most of your time - weeping for your lost Odysseus. Your son surprises you by ...

telling the bard Phemius to stop singing about the Greeks who have returned from Troy because it is upsetting you?
telling you he is going on a journey to see Nestor and Menelaus?
telling you to go to your room, because he is master in the house?
telling you that he believes Odysseus is dead, and you should forget about him?

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