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Catalogue Spring/Summer 2000

Fe1 Spraydog Alinear/Lemonade 7" single
Alinear/Lemonade Fizzing first single from Tyneside dischordo-pop heroes.

'Comes across like Quickspace in a snowstorm' - Simon Williams, NME
'If they were from Glasgow they would be seen as the saviours of guitar pop, or something' - Abuse

Fe2 io  Something Out There/Leave Your Light On 7" single
Something Out There/Leave Your Light On Debut single from Massachusetts harmony power trio. Recorded by Steve Albini.
They rock. They're kind of deep. (Oh, and they're not called io anymore - see the links below)
Fe3 Spraydog  Run the Lights EP 7" EP
Run the Lights Tracks: Some Sort of Corporate Attack/Run the Lights/Us vs Mascis/Jimmy
More iridescent melodies and spark fused pop gems.

'Scratchy but oddly haunting EP of My Bloody Valentine go indie pop via Sonic Youth hi-jinx from the boy/girl noisenik tykes' - The Crack

Fe4 Spraydog  Citrus Bitumen CD
Citrus Bitumen Tracks: Clean with magma/Kissy lips/Waster I'm/Leen luvs Woffil/Is the hallway blue?/Veil/To the north!/Sweet thing/Find/Acorn/Sunshine traps/Lecherous, defenestrated

Finally comes the long player. Produced by Chips McAllister.

'Dinosaur Jr/Sebadoh-influenced shaggy indie mania with a slice of Guided By Voices' inspiration added for good measure. Fuzzy, aching guitars, supple bass, heart-attack drums, just yer usual quietly assured magic.' - Melody Maker

Fe5 Milky Wimpshake Dialling Tone/True Love Will Find You in the End/Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste 7" single
Dialling tone Instant classic on side A, loving tribute to Daniel Johnston and Jonathan Richman on the other. What more could you want or need?
Click on the shirt for a closer view Spraydog t-shirt. Two birds on a twig. Only orange/blue left, as shown here. (S/M/L) Click here for a close up

Relevant links

(Some more so than others)

io are no longer called io - but this is the band's home page
The Hazmat Group io and related projects
Milky Wimpshake
Dwight Diller Top old-time banjo player from east central West Virginia
Shape note music. This stuff kicks ass. Honestly.
Slampt Underground respect is due...
The Bowling Boy another great Newcastle band
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