The who was/is who of Spraydog

* indicates current members

Johnny X: Played drums and guitar for pop starlets Kenickie, and helped mix the original Spraydog tape ĎBy Numbersí in August 1994 as well as contributing drums on ĎMy Bedí.

Lauren Lauverne & Marie du Santiago: The Kenickie lasses contributed vocals on ĎBy Numbersí on a song called ĎThe Town Redí.

Pete Dale: Played the drums for an embryonic two-piece line-up of the band supporting the dreadful Urusei Yatsura at the Old Mill pub in Fenham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, December 1996. Pub since demolished. Pete helps run the fantastic Slampt label, and is indeed in Red Monkey and Milky Wimpshake.

* Phil Tyler: Originally wanted to play bass for the band, but ended up being their guitarist. Never mind.

* Steve Robson: Writes the songs, sings, and plays guitar. Played drums also on the bandís early recordings, following the departure of Daniel.

Daniel Bartlett: Was in a band with Steve called Graham, and later joined Spraydog for its first four gigs. Left to become knitwear designer and not heard from since.

Beth Laybourne: Ex-singer, co-wrote ĎPostcardí but ended up never recording it. One of the canniest lasses you could ever meet.

Kingy: The bandís unsung hero, a shy, retiring creature who carried the melody of the bandís songs without wanting the limelight. Left to test washing powder on various stains.

Hannah Betts: Sang with the band for two years and on all of the bandís discography up to 'Citrus Bitumen'. Made a shock departure after leaving University to go and study birds on an otherwise-uninhabited island in Greece. Weird, eh?

* Chris Lanigan (aka Spanners) : Veteran of the Newcastle scene, the bandís current (and finest) drummer. Almost has a PhD. They will rue the day they have to call him Dr. Lanigan.

* Annika Bosanquet: Enthusiastic and bright, with a great voice. She carries all the heavy equipment for us.

* James Atkinson: .... is a hero! Learned to play the bass in two weeks in order to underpin the songs on the bandís first tour supporting Kenickie and Velocette in October 1998, after Kingy left it very late in the day to tell us he wasnít coming.

Sarah E Hall: artist, musician, critic and fan. Did the sleeves for 'Citrus Bitumen' and 'Starry Eyes' and the t-shirt (that's her in it on the home page). Available for commissions. Make this woman famous. Please.

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