The Wendigo

The Wendigo
Julian Sutton, Stephen Tyler and Anne Marie Summers

New CD 'This Fiery Height'
This Fiery Height
"'This fiery height! Oh my feet of fire! My burning feet of fire...!' ran in far, beseeching accents of indescribable appeal this voice of anguish down the sky. Once it called - then silence through all the listening wilderness of trees."
Julian Sutton, Steve Tyler and Anne Marie Summers first got together in 1995 when they discovered a common interest in traditional European dance music. They went on to form The Wendigo, using the dance style from central France as a vehicle for their own compositions.
Julian Sutton has been playing the melodeon in traditional dance bands since the age of nine. A native of the North East, he has worked with folk musicians including Alistair Anderson and anglo-european roots music duo Ancient Beatbox. He also performs with the Kathryn Tickell Band. Julian's interest in the traditional dance rhythms and melodies of Central France stems from a year spent in the Auvergne listening to and playing with musicians from the region.
Steve Tyler constructed a hurdy gurdy in 1993 to perform medieval music, having become enthralled by drones, and soon gained an increasing awareness of French traditional dance music and its creative potential. When time allows', Steve retreats to contemplative reveries aided by sombre compositions for organ, hurdy gurdy, cittern, bells, dulcimer etc... which are eventually realised by multi-track facilities.
Anne Marie Summers is a multi instrumentalist and drone enthusiast. Anne Marie started playing bagpipes in 1995. Inspired by early music and a love of European folk dance. When not reclining Rapunzel like in her castle dwelling, she plays in Misericordia with Steve Tyler. She is also a member of Jon Swayne's English Bagpipe Orchestra, the singing & piping trio Brown Betty. and accompanies medieval storytelling on harp, hurdy gurdy and other instruments.
Steve and Anne Marie have been playing together since 1992. As Misericordia they focus on medieval music, using the diverse instrumentation of the period. Their various musical collaborations often take them beyond the confines of the Middle Ages and into the realm of folk songs, improvisational accompaniment to storytelling and such like.
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