The Ritz , Hasselt, Belgium.

Reader COR VAN DER LINDE wrote with brief news of a Belgian gig at Christmas....

Monday 27th December 1993 - Kevin Ayers is playing In The Ritz in Hasselt, Belgium. It turns out to be an acoustic evening with Kevin accompanied melodically by guitarist 'Starvin'' Marvin Siau. He starts off with a blues set. No backing from an electric band must make an artist feel more vulnerable but Kevin is in the right mood, enjoying playing, concentrated and of course, as friendly as ever. After the break he performs songs like 'Blaming It All On Love', 'Mr Cool' and 'Interview'. The audience is enthusiastic, surprised perhaps that the songs perform so well. The compositions are taken back to their roots, where they started, just a voice and a guitar. Clear and honest. For Kevin's companion it must have been a challenge to solo on those beautiful series of chords. And he did his job very well, sensitive and with the right feeling for balance. Although the lively audience was well-intentioned, they were sometimes a bit too noisy for Kevin. All together a very warm, sun-filled and sympathetic evening......exactly what we needed in those cold, winter months.

first published in WAWS #6, August 94