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Firstaid And Medical Supplies

We are a firstaid and medical supplies company, and sell a vast range of medical supplies and firstaid products also toiletries & janitorials, below is a list of products that can be found on our website available as standard supply items, many more items are available upon request, including a wide range of spares and repairs.

Bedding, Towels & Pillows etc.
Sheets, Mattress Covers, Pillows, Pillow Slips, etc.

Clinical Products
Forceps, Needle Holders, Ring Cutters, Firstaid Splints, Syringes & Needles, Thermometers, etc.

Continence Management & Sanitary Products
Commodes, Continence Care, Sample & Specimen Containers, Sanitary Towels & Tampons, Urine Bottles & Bed Pans

Firstaid Products
AIDS Protection, Firstaid Blankets, Burn Producs, Ice Packs, Eye Wash & Protection Products, Firstaid Kits.

Funnels, Gallipots, Jugs, Dishes & Bowls

Hygiene & Personal Protection
AIDS Protection, Medical Gloves, Aprons, Janitorials, Disinfectants and Shrouds

Medical & Diagnostic Equipment
Resuscitation, ECG Machines, Diagnostic Equipment (inc. Diagnostic Opthalmoscopes, Otoscopes, Sphygmomanometers, etc.), Tounge Depressors

Medical Room Sundries
Batteries, Bins, Waste Bags, Paper Products, Sharps Bins, Bedding, Firstaid Signs, Stationary & Wipes

Medical Room Equipment
Prestige Autoclave, Cabinets, Medical Examination Couches, Drip Stands, Fire Equipment, Instrument Trays, Lamps, Scales & Height Measurers, Refridgerators, Medical Screens, Medical Sharps Bins, Splints, Stationary, Trollys, Thermometers, Wheel Chairs, etc.

Antifungal, Antiseptic, Cold Remedies, Pain Relief, Skin Preps, Stomach Remedies, Sun Protection, Vitamins & Minerals.

Safety Products
Back Support, Coveralls, Eye Protection, Hearing Protection, Face Masks

Wound Management
Crepe Bandages, Triangular Banadages, WOW Bandages (+ many others), Medical Dressings, Cotton Wool, Gauze, Swabs, Lint, Plasters, Safety Pins, Scissors, Skin Closurers.

Baby Care, Soap, Handwash, Combs & Brushes, Shampoo & Conditioner, Sun Lotion & Toothbrushes

Special Order Items
We also supply a large range of firstaid & medical supplies by special order these are items that you would usually find in your local chemist, some items we not be able to supply without seeing a copy of a dangerous drugs license or a Sisters & Nurses Act form signed by a doctor which is supplied by us.

We also sell the whole range of supplies from Laerdal, Seca, Omron and also Prestige Medical.

As we are one of the largest firstaid and medical supply companies in the UK, we supply all of the above goods to a variety of people, including County Councils, Fire, Ambulance, Police and Other Emergency Services, Large Corporate Companies, and to the General Public, all with the upmost importance

Due to the nature of our business our customers usually require their goods fast, so as standard our goods usually arive within 3 - 7 working days, we also offer a next day service on firstaid and medical products that we hold in stock, we can by prior arangement make other special arrangements for delivery's and collections possible.

We hold most firstaid and medical supplies in stock however if the goods that you require are not in stock we will try to obtain them as soon as possible.

We have gone a lot of very hard work and now we hold the Quality Assessment certificates for BS EN ISO 9002 and also EN 46002 for CE Marking of all our Sterile and Non-Sterile Products, copies of these documents are available upon request.

firstaid and medical supplies

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