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I live in Millom, which is in South West Cumbria
Millom on the map
Why not try out the ten links below to sites that interest me, click on the map to find out more about Millom and then go to the Gallery of pictures of Millom ?
An unplucked Pheasant
I played in a folk duo. Click on the pheasant's picture for the Pheasant Pluckers' web site or the words and music to the Pheasant Plucking song.
Irish Whiskey Terry Farrell snooker Millom Rotary Club folk music
Irish Whiskey Dax Snooker Rotary Folk Music
Camra Camra

Visit the Goons

The Pheasant Plucking Song

Coniston Brewery  -

The Star Trek site

Real Ale The Goons 'Our' Song Coniston Beer Star Trek
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