Martyn J. Fogg. BDS, LDSRCS, Cert Geol, BA, MSc, PhD, FRAS, FBIS.

Curriculum Vitae.

Date of birth: 3rd July 1960.

Biography: Martyn Fogg qualified as a dental surgeon from Guy's Hospital, University of London in 1982 and later also qualified with a mixed physics/geology degree from the Centre for Extra-Mural Studies, University of London and the Open University, Milton Keynes. Since that time he has devoted part of his time to dentistry and part to a career in academic scientific research and science writing a long-standing involvement in astronomy, planetary science, astrobiology and Mars exploration.

Fogg is an internationally recognized research worker in the subject of terraforming and is known to all those working in the field. He has published twelve papers on terraforming and the first technical-level book to cover the field of planetary engineering in general. One of his past projects is the Terraforming Information Pages, a web resource for those interested in terraforming and planetary engineering in general.

In 2002, he graduated with an MSc in Astrophysics at Queen Mary College, University of London, with a dissertation on free-floating planets and then in 2008 completed a PhD in planetary formation involving the modelling of  the formation of terrestrial planets in the presence of giant planet migration. In recent years he has been studying philosophy and logic at Birkbeck College, University of London.

Society Affiliations: Royal Astronomical Society, British Interplanetary Society.

XBox Live Gamertag: Oligarch. Gamer card here.

Important notes for three categories of people who often try to contact me:

a) Media people. I am no longer doing media interviews of any sort.

b) Book enquiries. I regularly receive enquiries asking where a copy of my book Terraforming: Engineering Planetary Environments can be obtained. This book is out of print and second hand copies on Amazon are selling at ten times the original price! An electronic reconstruction of the book, Chapters 1 -- 7, can be downloaded from my page. Follow me on

Technical Publications.

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35. "Terrestrial Planet Formation in Low Eccentricity Warm Jupiter Systems," (co-authored with R.P. Nelson) Astron. Astrophys., 498, 575-589 (2009). Paper.

36. Long, K.F., Fogg, M.J.,Obousy, R., Tziolas, A., Mann, A., Osborne, R. and Presby, A., "Project Icarus: Son of Daedalus - Flying Closer to Another Star,"  JBIS, 62, 403-416 (2009). Preprint.

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