The Astrobiology Web.

An excellent site covering all aspects of life in space, with a variety of short pieces on terraforming. Not all links are active.
The Mars Society.

A recently founded Mars special interest and pressure group. In favour of further exploration and eventual settlement and terraforming of Mars.
The British Interplanetary Society.

The world's original spaceflight society. Many recent terraforming papers have been published in its journal JBIS.
Biology and the Planetary Engineering of Mars.

A comprehensive review paper on the biological aspects of terraforming by Julian Hiscox.
Keeping Mars Warm With New Super Greenhouse Gases.

The paper that rocked the recent terraforming conference. Brand new and exciting work by Mimi Gerstell of C.I.T. and colleagues. 
Visysphere Mars: Terraforming Meets Engineered Life Adaptation.

Superb MSc project by students at ISU. Good online reports available.
The Greening of Mars.

An article from New Science magazine considering the utility of cyanobacteria as terraforming pioneers. 
Thawing Mars.

An article profiling scientist Margarita Marinova and her work on warming Mars with super- greenhouse gases. 
Climate Engineering.

A lengthy review paper, primarily concentrating on topics in geoengineering by Ben Matthews. Find it at his excellent Choose Climate web site.
Iron Versus the Greenhouse.

A review of the concept of geoengineering the Earth's climate by fertilizing the oceans. 
Geoengineering: A Climate Change Manhattan Project.

A paper by Jay Michaelson, originally published in the Stanford Law Journal.
Modifying Planetary Orbits.

An excellent technical-level paper on moving the Earth away from a brightening Sun and altering planetary orbits in general. A pdf is available from D.G. Korycansky's home page. 
Political Economy of Large Space Projects

How is space colonization to be financed? A paper by John Hickman of Berry College.
Genesis: An Epic Poem.

Possibly the greatest fictional treatment of terraforming ever written: 10,000 lines of sparkling iambic pentameter by University of Texas at Dallas poet Fred Turner.
The Darian Defrost Calendar.

A breathtaking website, all about Martian timekeeping and terraforming. Visit and enjoy browsing the best map of a terraformed Mars on the Internet. By Frans Blok.
Mars: Le Terraforming.

Learn all about terraforming Mars in French. A site by Gatien Lafore.
Spanish Terraforming Page.

Beautifully done web pages about terraforming Mars in Spanish. Lots to see. Based at the website of the Spanish Mars Society.
Terraformed Landscapes.

View globes and maps of Mars and Venus with oceans. Zoom in on Venus and view terraformed landscapes. Very impressive. Courtesy of Lars Norlin.
Terraforming Mars: What is best for Our Little Brother?

A summary of the ideas of Australian terraformer Robert Parke, by Ron Garrison of Distant Star Magazine.
Worlds Without Ends.

What is the point of going into space? The answer lies in a future economy based on "charm"; by University of Texas Professor Fred Turner. 
American Museum of Natural History.

A page introducing the concept of terraforming Mars. Don't forget to click on the IMAX images.
Romance to Reality.

Well crafted archive of annotated references- running the gamut from initial moon & Mars expeditions to "corridor culture" settlement to terraforming. By D.S.F. Portree. Crucial stuff!
The Astrobiology, Extreme Environments and Terraformation Index.

Rich with information and links. Hosted by Marsbugs Editor David Thomas.
Alien Planet Designer.

Useful and unique compendium of equations for budding star system and planet designers. By John Bray.
Gibraltar Strait Super-Dam.

A modern spin of the Atlantropa project by Glendale geoengineeer Richard Cathcart.
Planet Earth on the Move.

An article at BBC News SciTech describing how the orbit of the Earth might be gradually expanded to keep pace with the brightening Sun.
Terraforming at Ames.

Two introductory pages from the NASA-Ames Research Center: the home of terraforming studies.
Lightworld Image Gallery.

Nine sequential and excellently-rendered images of a Mars landscape being terraformed, by David Lauterbach. 
Customizing Mars Through Terraforming.

An introductory feature at the Mission to Mars home page. Includes a painting by Julian Baum.

Includes a simulated flyby of a terraformed landscape.
The Red, Green and Blue Mars Site.

An impressive site based on Stan Robinson's Mars Trilogy, featuring a stunning Map of a terraformed Mars, by Frans Blok. 
Red Colony dot com.

A rapidly growing site dedicated to Mars colonization and terraforming, by Alex Moore.


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