4NCL: 12-13 April 2003

Saturday 12 April

1 w Bator, Robert 2422 - Poulton, James 2375
2 b Swanson, Stephen 2291 - Webb, Richard M. 2372
3 w Walker, Martin G. 2268 - Simons, Martin J. 2262
4 b Posazhennikov, Alex 2262 - Yeo, Michael J. 2251
5 w Harley, Andrew 2260 - Corkett, Anthony R. 2322
6 b Moore, Gerald 2238 - Upton, Ian J. 2224
7 w Byway, Paul 2188 1 - 0 Wheeler John F. 2201
8 b Jiretorn, Eva (F) 2106 - Khoo, Teresa (F) 2076

Yet another in our increasing collection of tragic near misses. I believe losing 4 - 3 is our most common scoreline, and we have done it with seven draws and one loss at least twice before!

David Neil was missing due to running in the London Marathon (4 hours 45 minutes I believe) which meant a debut for John Wheeler. Our London duo were late again having been held up in London by yet another demonstration. I got nothing from my opening but was surprised by a "Nyet" when I offered a draw. Tony got a passive position and was relieved when after a long thought his opponent accepted his offer (in future to be known as going for the early sauna). James, already a long way behind on the clock took over 45 minutes over one move, but it was time well spent as he had already seen the final position. Richard and Ian made little progress. My game was more promising for a while but I overlooked a cunning defense and had to bail out. Teresa was in a lot of trouble, but somehow gained enough counterplay for a draw.

3-3 at the time control and it could still have gone either way. John was a pawn down in a Q+P ending, but rather than doing nothing when it looked very difficult for his opponent to break through, decided to sacrifice some more pawns which made matters a lot easier. Martin had commendably turned down the chance of an early sauna, thought for over 20 minutes in a position where he was faced with a mate in one about sacrificing a rook and reached R+4P v R+3P on the same side which lasted till move 97.

I led a roundabout promenade designed to show that there really is a curry house within walking distance of the hotel. The speed of progress suggested that there won't be any other takers for the marathon next year! Much of the time was spent analysing Martin's possible rook sacrifice which I will reproduce here in due course.


1 w Hopkins, Jamie R. 2151 1 - 0 Richardson, Kevin D. 2169
2 b Clark, Ian C. 2113 0 - 1 Punnett, Alan K. 2129
3 w Rutter, Nicholas 2120 1 - 0 Shepley, Julien M. 2131
4 b Tunks, Dominic 2096 1 - 0 Hill, David F. 2066
5 w Gregory, Keith D 2032 - Allinson, Julian 1880
6 b Pleasants, Allan J. 2000 1 - 0 Stimpson, Philip M. 1944
7 w Sigurdsson, Johann H. 2032 1 - 0 Coates, Christine (F) * 1072
8 b Norman, Dinah (F) 2021 1 - 0 default  


Sunday 13 April

1 w Poulton, James 2375 1 - 0 Thompson, Ian D. 2290
2 b Webb, Richard M. 2372 0 - 1 Jackson, Adrian 2232
3 w Corkett, Anthony R. 2322 1 - 0 Richardson, Keith B. 2141
4 b Simons, Martin J. 2262 - Norman, Kenneth I. 2141
5 w Yeo, Michael J. 2251 1 - 0 Anderton, Matthew N. 2202
6 b Upton, Ian J. 2224 - Coates, Kenneth G. 2169
7 w Wheeler John F. 2201 - Briscoe, Christopher 2187
8 b Khoo, Teresa (F) 2076 - Muller, Anne (F) * 2173
        5 - 3    

A very flattering scoreline as we were in trouble for a lot of the match. James won quite neatly and John agreed a reasonable draw, but the other six boards ranged from the very unclear (me) down to the completely lost (Martin). Things started to look up when Martin secured a draw despite still being a pawn down. Richard forgot one of his own previous 4NCL games six years ago which he won and had to resort to a desperate sacrifice which lost. Tony emerged from the time scramble with an extra piece. My opponent eventually crumpled in time-trouble, not helped by the way in which I kept playing moves he wasn't expecting! Ian had 2 pawns for a piece in a difficult ending but managed to simplify for a draw. For the second day, Teresa was in a lot of difficulty (and in time-trouble) but succeeded in reaching a R+P ending a pawn down which she managed to hold.

Martin has worked out the combination of results that would still give us promotion. This involves Warwickshire Select losing all 3 matches (something I must point out that they haven't done once yet this season) and Guildford beating Poisoned Pawns - oh, and the minor matter of us winning all our last 3 matches. The true odds must be over 100-1, but I am sure he can be persuaded to invest in odds much shorter than that.


1 w Walsh, Chris 2204 - Hopkins, Jamie R. 2151
2 b Rees, Ioan 2106 1 - 0 Clark, Ian C. 2113
3 w Morris, Gareth 2174 - Rutter, Nicholas 2120
4 b Gandy, Andrew 2097 0 - 1 Tunks, Dominic 2096
5 w Powell, Annie (F) 2034 0 - 1 Gregory, Keith D 2032
6 b Davis, Lee 2002 - Pleasants, Allan J. 2000
7 w Ralphs, Nigel 1931 - Sigurdsson, Johann H. 2032
8 b Sinnett, Glyn 1939 - Norman, Dinah (F) 2021

Allan Pleasants reports:

Another excellent weekend for the Wessex II team by registering against Guildford ADC its biggest win to-date and then winning a very close match against Nidium Knights. Jamie played on board 1 for the first time and broke his drawing streak by winning comfortably and Dominic won both games again with the last deciding the Nidium Knights match. It says a lot when players who get 1.5 out of 2 don't even get a mention in the match report.

We are equal with Numerica 3C's at the top of the division, but have to play three strong teams on the last weekend. Looking at the remaining fixtures I think that we will need at least a win and two draws to ensure promotion. Its going to be very very close.

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