4NCL: 29 - 31 May 2004

Saturday 29 May

1 w Pye, David E 2132 0 - 1 Cooksey, Paul S 2236
2 b Rutter, Nicholas 2124 1 - 0 Punnett, Alan K 2139
3 w Clark, Ian C 2112 0 - 1 Shepley, Julien M 2112
4 b Pleasants, Allan J 2107 - Hill, David F 2049
5 w Brameld, Arthur F 2080 1 - 0 Smart, Michael R 1936
6 b Gregory, Keith D 2096 - Campbell, Mark 1904
7 w Tunks, Dominic 2024 1 - 0 Jones, H Trevor 1776
8 b Norman, Dinah (F) 2022 - Morris, Claire H (F) 1616

Allan Pleasants reports:

Our journey up was interrupted by the news that Nidium Liberals were going to default all three matches over the weekend. Having played half the season this would mean an 8-0 win. Luckily for us we were playing them on the bank holiday Monday so apart from re-arrranging hotels and transport this would mean we got the bank holiday off as well. Spirits were high.

The match with Guildford was always going to be close and at one point around the half way point things were looking bleak. Up on Arthurs board and probably worse on the rest. As the match continued the games improved and with Dominic winning his rook and pawn ending and Keiths two knights and rook proving a match for his opponents rook pair we took the match 4.5-3.5 For once a narrow match had gone our way.

In high spirits the team went off to Dinah's favorite curry house.

Sunday 30 May

    SLOUGH 2   v WESSEX 2  
1 w Jakubiec, Artur 2532 1 - 0 Clark, Ian C 2112
2 b Adly, Ahmed 2490 1 - 0 Rutter, Nicholas 2124
3 w Jones, Gawain C B 2405 1 - 0 Pye, David E 2132
4 b Richmond, Robert J 2207 1 - 0 Pleasants, Allan J 2107
5 w Ptacnikova, Lenka (F) 2214 - Brameld, Arthur F 2080
6 b Hersvik, Daniel 2269 - Gregory, Keith D 2096
7 w Redpath, Joseph 2210 1 - 0 Tunks, Dominic 2024
8 b Mulligan, Stephen 2168 1 - 0 Norman, Dinah (F) 2022
        7 - 1    

Allan Pleasants:

Yet again we faced a significantly strengthened team with a number of foreign imports - making Slough2 of similar strength to the Hilsmark team we played earlier in the year. Ian had a good position against his GM opponent only to miss a killing tactic. Nick played his usual attacking chess, but there never seemed to be quite enough. Dave had a reasonable position and when we left him I thought he was going to win (against the guy that beat Hebden in an earlier round). However inaccuracies after a turned down draw offer from his opponent would cost him the game. I played far too passively in the opening, but managed to get to the late middle game with hopes of getting a draw. A blunder on move 41 forced immediate resignation. Arthur and Keith got draws on boards 5 and 6 and never looked in too much trouble. Dominic blundered and Dinahs game ended around the same time having defended doggedly for much of the game.


Monday 31 May

Day off, but the good news is that after the weekends events we cannot be relegated. The three bottom teams have 3 or less points and Nidium Liberals may withdraw (or be chucked out) from the League.

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