4NCL: 6 - 7 November 2004

Saturday 6 November

1 w Spice, Alan 2184 1 - 0 Hopkins, Jamie R 2152
2 b Trevelyan, John 2170 - Pleasants, Allan J 2065
3 w Zeidler, Sven P 2182 - Tunks, Dominic 2135
4 b Powell, Lloyd 2155 - Ferrington, Nigel M 2125
5 w May, Frank 2144 - Gregory, Keith D 2087
6 b Brown, Alan M 2139 1 - 0 Marsh, Roger 2079
7 w Sully, David 2123 - Pym, Thomas W 2054
8 b Wilson, Julie (F) 1955 0 - 1 Dams, Robert MW (J) * 1870

Captain Allan reports:

Tom Pym and Robbie Dams made their debuts in this match and both played well with Robbie getting what would turn out to be our only win of the weekend! Tom looked for a long time to be in big trouble, but his  opponent failed to finish the game off. Rogers isolated queen pawn was pushed to d5 and bishop moved to the vacated d4 square. Roger must have been concentrating too much on his attack, for he overlooked a tactic that ended the game immediately. Keiths position looked promising on the kingside, but I think he was worried about the queenside and agreed a draw. Draws from difficult positions were achieved by myself, Dominic and Nigel. I managed to scramble a draw despite Fritz assessing the position as -5 at one point. Jamie played well, but perhaps made one aggressive move too many.

At the conclusion we were joined by Tom's mum and Nick Rutter. Their local knowledge was invaluable in finding an Indian Restaurant for our traditional Saturday night meal.

Sunday 7 November

    OXFORD 1   v WESSEX 2  
1 w Bilalic, Merim 2302 - Hopkins, Jamie R 2152
2 b Ozeren, Kemal 2292 - Pleasants, Allan J 2065
3 w Coleman, James 2224 1 - 0 Tunks, Dominic 2135
4 b Savage, Ben D 2300 - Ferrington, Nigel M 2125
5 w Hackett, David G 2167 1 - 0 Gregory, Keith D 2087
6 b Shaw, David A 2197 - Marsh, Roger 2079
7 w Rawlinson, Aidan 2175 - Pym, Thomas W 2054
8 b Milasiute, Vygante (F) * 2061 1 - 0 Dams, Robert MW (J) * 1870

Allan Pleasants:

This was always going to be difficult as they fairly heavily out-rated us. I kept the board order the same even though this meant we played the same colour as Saturday. Jamie played out to a drawn pawn ending though his opponent seemed very reluctant to agree a draw. I made a mistake that conceded the b-file unnecessarily. It was always an uphill struggle, but I managed to hold out for a draw. Luckily my opponent missed a neat little tactic just before the end of the game which probably would have won it for him. Didn't see too much of Dominic's game even though he was sitting next to me. It ended quicky when he left his Queen en prise. Nigel defended a R+3P against R+2P ending well and deserved his draw. Tom had a theoretical edge for a long period, but the game fizzled out to a draw. Robbie had 3 pawns for a piece at one point and unfortunately missed a drawing sequence at the end of the game.

Thanks to everyone who played this weekend.

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