4NCL: 15 - 16 January 2005

Saturday 15 January

RD 3   WESSEX 2 2095 v CAMBRIDGE UNIV. 1 2183
1 w Hopkins, Jamie R 2152 0 - 1 Mah, Karl C C 2425
2 b Rutter, Nicholas 2136 - Garner, David 2191
3 w Gregory, Keith D 2099 - Valden, Petros 2185
4 b Pleasants, Allan J 2065 1 - 0 Churm, Rohan M 2178
5 w Ferrington, Nigel M 2125 1 - 0 Hodge, David J 2165
6 b Pym, Thomas W 2050 - Regan, Natasha (F) 2208
7 w Taylor, Phil 2058 - Gooding, Ian * 2085
8 b Khoo, Selina (F) 2073 0 - 1 Low, Ying Min 2026
        4 - 4    

Allan Pleasants:

Cambridge were our opponents today and posted a team that wasn't quite as strong as I was expecting. They were on average stronger than us and in particular Jamie was heavily out rated on board one. Nigel played aggressively and eventually overcame his opponent. Jamie succumbed in the time scramble at the end of the first session having given good account of himself. We were left with 4 games remaining on boards 2,3 and 4 and 6 and match score of 1.5-2.5. Things were looking very bad as we were material down on all boards, and in Phil's case a queen for rook down. Phil succeeded in finding enough play to get a draw, my opponent obligingly walked into a mating attack and Keith and Nick held double rook end-games when having a material deficite . A drawn match and an excellent result.

Allan has subsequently submitted some comments on the finish of his game:

Churn,R - Pleasants,A (White to move)

Earlier on I had a reasonable position, but succeeded in losing a pawn carelessly. Now its going to be difficult to save the game. Match situation looking bad as well with us losing rook and pawn endings on other boards. 45.Qb5 Kh6 Putting the king safe and avoiding a Queen exchange 46.Qe5? Centralising the Queen to support the pawn push, but maybe white should find a safe square for the king. The move looks right, but I don't think it meets the positional demands 46...Qc6 47.d5 Qc2 48.Qd4 What danger? Everythings covered; next move he will drive the black Queen away 48...e3 [Ouch] 49.Kg1 Qf2+ 50.Kh1 e2 [Ouch] 0-1

That cheered the team up and we went on to draw the rook endgames that we were losing!

Sunday 16 January

RD 4   GUILDFORD-ADC 3 2099 v WESSEX 2 2095
1 w Granat, Russell G 2262 1 - 0 Hopkins, Jamie R 2152
2 b Allinson, Julian 2107 1 - 0 Rutter, Nicholas 2136
3 w Jones, Christopher 2119 0 - 1 Gregory, Keith D 2099
4 b Punnett, Alan K 2120 - Pleasants, Allan J 2065
5 w Singleton, Michael 2126 1 - 0 Ferrington, Nigel M 2125
6 b Hill, David F 2071 - Pym, Thomas W 2050
7 w Yurenok, Maria S (F) 2078 - Taylor, Phil 2058
8 b Morris, Claire H (F) 1910 0 - 1 Khoo, Selina (F) 2073

Guildford ADC 3 were our opponents and again we knew this was going to be close. Everything seemed to be going fine. Selina was a piece up, Nick looked to have a nice position, and only Jamie was in serious trouble, other games were evenish. Selina went on to comfortably win, but Nick's position deteriorated quickly following a mistake. Tom tried hard to end his run of 3 successive draws and finished his game two pawns up, but I think his opponent may have missed a win when taking the draw by repetition. Four successive 4NCL draws was also the stats posted by Phil Taylor. A narrow loss of 4.5-3.5.

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