4NCL: 28 - 30 May 2005

Saturday 28 May

1 w Hopkins, Jamie R 2152 - Macdonald-Ross, Michael 2206
2 b Rutter, Nicholas 2136 - Smith, Graham 2118
3 w Gregory, Keith D 2099 - Constantinou, Peter 2123
4 b Pye, David E 2157 0 - 1 Reuben, Stewart 2142
5 w Pym, Thomas W 2111 1 - 0 Freeman, Richard C P 2117
6 b Ferrington, Nigel M 2125 0 - 1 Ioannides, Milton 2082
7 w Clark, Ian C 2106 1 - 0 Mahony, Richard 2085
8 b Norman, Dinah (F) 2015 - Harbour, Tom (J) 1940
        4 - 4    

Allan Pleasants reports:

An important match for both teams with relegation a possibility for either. The two teams fielded were of equal strength and a close match guaranteed. It looked as if the match was going to go against us with Dave Pye losing his first game after an absence from chess. Keith, Dinah and Nick drew their games. The match outcome changed when Ian’s opponent blundered in a drawn rook endgame just after offering a draw. Tom won his game taking advantage of his opponent's weakened king position. Jamie drew on board 1 after a having a difficult position for a long time, however post match analysis suggests that in the final position he was in fact winning. Jamie’s draw ensured that we took at least 1 point from the match. Nigel was in terrible trouble, but his opponent couldn’t find a winning move to kill the game off. It looked as if Nigel might get away with a draw, but I think the clock decided the game in the end. Unlucky.

The result left FCA Solutions safe from relegation on 10 points, and left us having to beat a weakened SCS the next day in order to be certain of avoiding relegation. Athenaeum, our last round opponents had brought a very strong team in the hope of avoiding the drop and we certainly didn’t want to go into the last round match needing to get a result.

Sunday 29 May

    Southern Counties Stars 1   v WESSEX 2  
1 w Dickinson, Timothy R 2176 1 - 0 Hopkins, Jamie R 2152
2 b Reynolds, D Ian 2101 - Rutter, Nicholas 2136
3 w Moyse, Nigel 2054 0 - 1 Gregory, Keith D 2099
4 b Kilpatrick, Callum 2048 0 - 1 Pye, David E 2157
5 w Heard, Andrew H 1980 0 - 1 Pleasants, Allan J 2065
6 b Hardy-Wallace, Daniel 1740 0 - 1 Pym, Thomas W 2111
7 w Clarke, Sean A 1685 0 - 1 Clark, Ian C 2106
8 b Tourbassova, Sasha (F) 1720 0 - 1 Norman, Dinah (F) 2015

We heavily out-rated this team, and fairly quickly Dinah was a piece up though her opponent played well after that and made life difficult. Ian had a good position as did Tom. Jamie looked to be in difficulties and other games even. I blundered a piece away and considered resigning, but decided to play on. Ian was several major pieces up but his opponent wouldn’t resign. My opponent couldn’t adjust to being in a comfortable winning position so gave back the exchange then gave me another piece about two moves later. Jamie succumbed; Nick took the draw when offered for the second time and Keith maintained his Wessex reputation for being the last game to finish by comfortably winning a rook and pawn ending.

Well done everyone, we’re safe and going to be playing in Division 3 next year.

Monday 30 May

1 w Rutter, Nicholas 2136 0 - 1 Mannion, Stephen R 2329
2 b Clark, Ian C 2106 0 - 1 Orr, Mark J L 2305
3 w Pym, Thomas W 2111 0 - 1 Roberts, Paul 2184
4 b Gregory, Keith D 2099 0 - 1 Johansson, Toni 2143
5 w Pye, David E 2157 - McKeown, Paul 2095
6 b Pleasants, Allan J 2065 - Stevenson, James A B 2092
7 w Ferrington, Nigel M 2125 1 - 0 Dalmau, Jorgen 2057
8 b Norman, Dinah (F) 2015 - Dalmau, Anneli (F) 2074

Captain Allan reports (for the last time?):

Nothing much resting on this game as Athenaeum only managed to draw their last game and were therefore relegated before the match started. However they out-rated us on every board and had two IMs playing for them so this was not going to be easy. For this match Jamie was not available so Nick played 1 while Ian and Tom were promoted to boards 2 and 3 respectively for having such good results this season. Dinah earned herself a draw against a strong female opponent. Nigel won with a queenside attack and some help from his opponent. I drew after missing the best continuation just before the end of the game. Tom and Ian lost their games, but gave good account. Keith lost an interesting game after it became clear his opponent had seen further than the watching spectators who thought Keith had a won position. Keith commented that his opponent had also played the defence brilliantly earlier in the match. I left with match lost and just two games remaining - Dave Pye’s game looking very blocked and drawish, and Nick was doing his best to hold a rook and pawn ending (but later lost). A difficult match and I doubt that Athenaeum would have been relegated had they fielded this side in early weekends.

Next season I will probably be in the USA for a year on business. It is possible I may be around to play some games, but it will not be possible to effectively organise the team. I have therefore handed captaincy over to Ian Clark, who I am sure will do a wonderful job. I should like to thank everybody who has played for Wessex 2 over the last 3 seasons and made the job of captaincy of this team so easy.

Wishing you all the best for next season

Allan Pleasants (captain retired)


Editors footnote: Thanks to Allan for all his reports. I have updated the performance table for the season with the second team results.

Last modified: June 1, 2005

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