4NCL: 22-23 January 2000 (Ian Upton)

We turned up at the third weekend with quite a good team. Emily missed her first ever match for Wessex, but was replaced by Karen Keeling. Mike was accompanied by his family, adding a welcome extra dimension to the Saturday night meal, and forcing us to diverge from our normal spicy food to a rather good Italian restaurant.

We had hopes of 100% over the weekend. Unfortunately, we didn't quite make it.

Saturday 22nd January  

		Levy Gee 3Cs				Wessex	
1	W	Longson, Alexander	2148	-	Rossiter, Philip	2369
2	B	Burgess, Jon		2145	0-1	Corkett, Anthony	2295
3	w	Coppin, Andy		2088	1-0	Simons, Martin		2248
4	B	Brown, Paul *		2090	0-1	Upton, Ian		2238
5	W	Walton, Alan		1928	0-1	Neil, David		2244
6	B	Bentley, John		1984	1-0	Yeo, Michael		2198
7	W	Hardy, David		1896	0-1	Pye, David		2072
8	B	Roberts, Elizabeth (F)	1208	1-0	Keeling, Karen (F)	1672

A tough match. Martin, Mike and Karen’s positions were all pushed back by their opponents.

yeo_rd5.pgn Mike doesn’t give away his opening secrets

upton_rd5.pgn Ian, a dry player? Really??

Sunday 23rd January Wessex 4-4 Slough 2

W Rossiter, Philip 2369 0-1 Houska, Jovanka (F) 2282
B Corkett, Anthony 2295 - Buckley, Graeme 2355
W Neil, David 2244 1-0 Richmond, Robert 2238
B Upton, Ian 2238 - Tucker, Alex 2192
W Simons, Martin 2248 1-0 Smith, Andrew 2231
B Yeo, Michael 2198 - De Coverly, Roger 2096
W Pye, David 2072 - Ghasi, Ameet 2032
B Keeling, Karen (F) 1672 0-1 Crichton, Martin 2025

We were 3-1 up in this one. The remaining games promised at least 1.5 points. Easy come, easy go. I’m sure the results was totally unrelated to various team-members getting to bed VERY late. I’m right, aren’t I, Martin, Dave Pye, Ian … oops, that’s me . Forget that last criticism folks.

It looks like alcohol is good for performance, with the Wessex revelers scoring a massive 2/3. Alcohol, the opium of the French (defence).

yeo_rd6.pgn Mike Yeo - Amazing whose name you find in annotation notes

simons_rd6.pgn Martin duffs someone up and demonstrates that fighting for his right to party is right, right ?!

corkett_rd6.pgn Tony gets off the mark (with annotations, that is). Expect more – much more. In the meantime, settle back and enjoy a game that displays the hallmarks of real (i.e. non-Grandmaster) chess. Excitement; Glamour; Sex; all ingredients that make up a satisfying strategic encounter. And just wait for his expose’ of the seedier side of the Accelerated Dragon. Wahahayyyyy!!


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