4NCL: 25-26 March 2000 (Ian Upton)

Hey, it's the fourth weekend. We turned up hoping for maximum points. Perhaps this is our error! Emily came back, and on paper we turned out our strongest team of the season. Everyone seemed confident, ready to play ...and then we sat down

Saturday 25th March don

    Wessex     				Witney & Swindon  
1 w Rossiter, Philip 2369 	- 	Headlong, Timothy 2261          
2 b Corkett, Anthony 2295 	- 	Cooksey, Paul 2229               
3 w Neil, David 2244 		1-0 	Haydon, Richard 2176                
4 b Simons, Martin 2248 	0-1 	Rose, Matthew 2153                
5 w Upton, Ian 2238 		1-0 	Dickinson, Tim 2176                
6 b Yeo, Michael 2198 		1-0 	Wittmann, Jochen 2072                
7 w Pye,David 2072 		- 	Hannon, Mark 2096                
8 b Howard, Emily (F) 2037 	- 	Smith, Lucy (F) 1680                

The first match went reasonably smoothly. I finished my game earlier than usual – no mention of 11-move draws please. Upon looking up, I discovered most of our players had left the playing area! Fortunately we were three up by then, and eventually managed one of our less hair-raising victories. Some interesting chess was played. Philip had a tense encounter: one of those games that can be quickly played through with little attention, but hiding many reefs under the apparent calm. Both players consumed 90 minutes for 10 moves.

Mike’s game was extremely interesting. Against a well-prepared an aggressive opponent Mike peeled out some old analysis. What looked complex and unclear to me during the game was, apparently, largely prepared. Wow! Wish I could do that.

Dave Neil produced another one-way performance. His opponent was a little unlucky in playing into a pet line.

What with Charlton Athletic winning as well, the omens were good. We had a decent curry, no-one got drunk, and most retired to watch MOTD. And prepare for Guildford. Of course!

yeo_rd7.pgn Mike’s in-depth analysis pays dividends

Sunday 26th March Guildford II 4-4 Wessex

    Guildford 2				Wessex
1 w Thompson, Ian 2249 		0-1 	Rossiter, Philip 2369 
2 b James, Russell 2204 	1-0 	Corkett, Anthony 2295 
3 w Richardson, Keith 2216 	1-0 	Yeo, Michael 2198 
4 b Anderton, Matthew 2216 	0-1 	Neil, David 2244 
5 w Norman, Ken 2180 		- 	Upton, Ian 2238 
6 b Noyce, Robert 2177 		0-1 	Simons, Martin 2248 
7 w Singleton, Michael 2008 	1-0 	Pye,David 2072 
8 b Goodwin, Lydia (F) 1688 	- 	Howard, Emily (F) 2037 

I KNOW I keep saying this, but we were doing okay in this match until near the end. Every second match this season we seem to be doing well at the halfway stage, only to be pegged back or (as in the case of our match against SW Dragons) end up losing by a clear margin. It can’t be luck AGAIN! Oh well, kudos to the Guildford team, who hung on in there to peg us back

Dave Pye and Mike Yeo were both up against it, the former on time, the latter on position. We can still be promoted, but no more slip-ups are allowed.

yeo_rd8.pgn Mike Yeo – endgame grit ultimately dissolves away

simons_rd8.pgn Martin demonstrates once more that Sunday seems to be his favourite day. Martin, the final weekend has three Sundays .


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