4NCL: 9 - 10 April 2005

Saturday 9 April

1 w Upton, Ian J 2242 - Howell, David W L 2416
2 b Webb, Richard M 2313 1 - 0 Shaw, John K 2454
3 w Simons, Martin J 2293 - Buckley, Graeme 2417
4 b Allicock, Rawle A 2292 1 - 0 Povah, Nigel E 2377
5 w Corkett, Anthony R 2321 1 - 0 Thompson, Ian D 2275
6 b Evans-Quek, Suan-Shiau 2295 - Richardson, Keith B 2222
7 w Yeo, Michael J 2222 - Granat, Russell G 2262
8 b Evans-Quek, Debbie (F) 1995 - Yurenok, Maria S (F) 2078

An extraordinary result! This was probably our best effort since beating Guildford 2 by the same score last season! Our resident punter informed us on the way to dinner that Guildford 2 had been 8-1 on to win this match, which none of us felt was especially generous.

About once every couple of seasons, Richard produces an amazing victory, typically with Black. (His last 4NCL win with the White pieces predates Ian's last 4NCL loss!). This time, he showed up Scotland's likely next GM's lack of opening knowledge by catching him in a trap that he had used 4 times before (although not in published games). The consequent loss of rating points will have delayed his opponent's GM title yet further.

Debbie looked to be in some difficulty out of the opening, so I was surprised to hear her opponent offer a draw, until I saw her clock. Debbie declined, but then walked into a perpetual check that her opponent was just able to deliver in time. Ian kept his unbeaten record for one more day. Martin agreed a draw in a position that in other circumstances he might have played on for a bit. Rawle created enough mayhem in mutual time-trouble to cause his opponent to blunder.

The three remaining players were all surprised to be presented with bananas by Debbie, but they had the desired effect as Suan and I drew slightly difficult positions. Tony reached R+4Ps v R+3Ps on the king side, which might only have been drawn with best play. This was converted into R + BP + RP v R which again was probably drawable with best defence. The team dinner reservation meant that we had to leave him to it, but he joined us later looking very happy!


Sunday 10 April

1 w Rowson, Jonathan 2572 1 - 0 Upton, Ian J 2242
2 b Hebden, Mark L 2514 1 - 0 Evans-Quek, Suan-Shiau 2295
3 w Kosten, Anthony C 2537 1 - 0 Webb, Richard M 2313
4 b King, Daniel J 2517 1 - 0 Allicock, Rawle A 2292
5 w Cherniaev, Alexander 2469 1 - 0 Simons, Martin J 2293
6 b Plaskett, James 2490 - Corkett, Anthony R 2321
7 w Flear, Glenn C 2475 1 - 0 Yeo, Michael J 2222
8 b Lalic, Susan (F) 2369 1 - 0 Evans-Quek, Debbie (F) 1995

We lost.

Tony bottled out in a good position to save the whitewash and also to keep his norm chances intact.

Ian's amazing unbeaten run came to an end at last. He last lost a 4NCL game on 19th January 2002 (also against Guildford). Since that time he has played 26 games winning 6 and drawing 20. This season his 5 draws have been against opponents averaging 2425, so if he were only to win a couple of his last 3 games, he too might have a norm chance.

My game survived my opponent's d pawn landing on g8 as early as move 15 (!!) I had reasonable compensation for the ensuing 2 pawn deficit, before going astray. Elsewhere it was pretty much one-way traffic. This dumped us back into the relegation zone (by game point), but winning the next match against Bristol might well be enough for survival.

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