4NCL: 19 - 20 November 2005

Saturday 19 November

1 w Bates, Richard A 2383 1 - 0 default  
2 b Wall, Gavin 2348 - Allicock, Rawle A 2303
3 w Hinks-Edwards, Thomas 2343 1 - 0 Simons, Martin J 2293
4 b Bisby, Daniel L 2274 0 - 1 Webb, Richard M 2302
5 w Nixon, Thomas C M 2216 - Yeo, Michael J 2200
6 b Wilson, Alexandra (F) 2101 0 - 1 Neil, David R 2181
7 w Mitchem, Nicholas D 2060 - Jenks, Bruce * 2120
8 b O'Toole, George E 1934 0 - 1 Khoo, Selina (F) 1997

Tony has always driven to 4NCL matches in the past, but thought that for once he would travel by train. He got as far as Reading before he was informed that due to an incident further up the line, his train was terminating there. To get to Birmingham, he would have to get a train into Paddington, transfer to Euston and then another train to Birmingham arriving a long time after three o'clock. Rather than attend the curry on Saturday evening and a night in the wonderful Paragon hotel, he opted instead to return home and drive up on Sunday.

The old pals act on Board 2 didn't last very long. It was over so quicly that some of our team thought that Rawle hadn't turned up either until he appeared on Saturday evening. The 6 board match that remained didn't look too promising for some time until Selina's young opponent (who had beaten her three weeks earlier) gifted her a rook. The "new aggressive" Richard played one of his more impressive games and conjured up a mate with queen and pawn. Bruce, making his debut at short notice, won a pawn in the opening but allowed his opponent to open the h file. His king managed to escape at the cost of two pawns and he was fortunatele that his active king persuaded his opponent to bail out for a draw. I had declined an earlier draw offer, but as we now had three points and I could see that Dave was winning I decided to give up. Dave duly won, albeit with some complications. Martin was under pressure when he jettisoned a piece in time-trouble but by then the match was won.

Sunday 20 November

1 w Allicock, Rawle A 2303 0 - 1 Wu, Li 2287
2 b Webb, Richard M 2302 - Mason, Don 2277
3 w Corkett, Anthony R 2354 - Thomas, Nicholas 2234
4 b Simons, Martin J 2293 0 - 1 Pitcher, John 2183
5 w Neil, David R 2181 1 - 0 Hunt, Malcolm A 2108
6 b Yeo, Michael J 2200 0 - 1 Baruch, Andrew J D 2056
7 w Jenks, Bruce * 2120 1 - 0 Cooper, David M 2061
8 b Khoo, Selina (F) 1997 - Chevannes, Sabrina (F) 2100

Tony arrived in time and probably wished he hadn't as he was still playing seven hours later. Rawle was again the first to finish, but this time was on the wrong end of an interesting queen sacrifice. I played abysmally by castling into a queenside attack. Dave observed afterwards that I seemed to have got his sort of position, while he had got my type of position! I eventally won two knights for a rook which might have been playable except that my opponent had six extra pawns. Dave turned down a reasonable draw offer as he could see that the team were in trouble. His reward came a few moves later when his opponent blundered. Bruce ended in a knight and pawn ending that looked to be heading for a draw until his opponent put his knight on the wrong square. Richard drew with difficulty, Selina somewhat more easily. Martin unsuccessfully defended a lost R+P ending for some time. 4-3 down meant that we were relying on Tony converting his extra pawn. He admits that he should have wrapped it up between moves 40 & 50. When we left at move 60 he seemed to have a won Q+2P v Q+P ending, but he allowed an exchange into a theoretically drawn Q+P v Q ending with no time left that he still might have won. This put us firmly back in the relegation zone.

Saturday 19 November

1 w McMichael, Richard 2272 1 - 0 Hopkins, Jamie R 2137
2 b Khantuev, Alexander * 2302 1 - 0 Gregory, Keith D 2099
3 w Whiteley, Andrew 2228 1 - 0 Rutter, Nicholas 2133
4 b Thomas, Richard H 2219 0 - 1 Tunks, Dominic 2155
5 w Wittmann, Jochen 2225 1 - 0 Clark, Ian C 2133
6 b Guthrie, David 2184 - Ferrington, Nigel M 2115
7 w Okike, David C 2158 1 - 0 Marsh, Roger 2072
8 b Hale, Katie L W (F) 1805 1 - 0 Riddell, Nathan S (J) 1745

Ian Clark reports:

We thought it would be tough against Kings Head who heavily outgraded us. This proved to be the case and we were 6-0 down until Nigel secured a draw and Dominic came up with an excellent win.

Sunday 20 November

1 w Pym, Thomas W 2100 1 - 0 Spice, Alan 2189
2 b Tunks, Dominic 2155 0 - 1 Trevelyan, John 2186
3 w Rutter, Nicholas 2133 1 - 0 Powell, Lloyd 2184
4 b Gregory, Keith D 2099 - Brown, Alan M 2142
5 w Marsh, Roger 2072 0 - 1 Sully, David 2135
6 b Ferrington, Nigel M 2115 1 - 0 Miles, Richard 2145
7 w Clark, Ian C 2133 1 - 0 van Kemenade, Rudy 2068
8 b Riddell, Nathan S (J) 1745 - van Kemenade, Julie (F) 1935
        5 - 3    

Ian Clark:

The match against South Wales Dragons was also difficult in that they outgraded us on 7 boards. I was the only one who was higher and managed to bluff my way to a win. Nigel finished off his opponent quickly and Nathan on his first appearance did very well to draw his game. Unfortunately Roger lost and that meant we were 2 - 1 up.

The other 4 games looked destined to go all the way and things did not look too favourable half hour before timecheck. Nick managed to win a tricky position after his opponent overlooked that he was losing a piece at the end of a combination. Keith then also managed a good draw. This left the 2 top boards where we looked to be losing both. Fortunately Tom came up trumps from what seemed to be a hopeless position to win and secure another win for us. Dominic was last to finish and could not hold a rook and pawn ending.

We are now a very healthy third in the league and play Hilsmark Kingfisher 2 next (who are second) which will also be very tough.

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