4NCL: 13 - 14 January 2007

Saturday 13 January

    BARBICAN 4NCL 2   v WESSEX 1  
1 w Twyble, Michael S 2238 - Corkett, Anthony R 2340
2 b Rogers, Jonathan W 2360 - Webb, Richard M 2272
3 w Devereaux, Maxim 2367 1 - 0 Upton, Ian J 2270
4 b Pritchett, Craig W 2298 1 - 0 Simons, Martin J 2223
5 w Taylor, Martin R 2323 1 - 0 Ferrington, Nigel M 2116
6 b Coleman, David 2251 0 - 1 Yeo, Michael J 2144
7 w Taylor, Peter 2217 1 - 0 Tunks, Dominic 2115
8 b Regan, Natasha (F) 2171 1 - 0 Norman, Dinah (F) 2003
        6 - 2    

Not the ideal match in which to field one of our weakest ever teams, against one of the strongest teams we have ever faced in Division 2. Before the match, we had given our consent to the opposition board order violating the 80 point rule in order to assist their norm-seeking Board 1 who was desperate to play one of our FMs. The charity ended there as Tony became his first opponent this season not to lose. We also had to cope with a pen crisis - having used up all our spares, Ian and Martin had to share, but fortunately one is left-handed and the other right-handed and they were sat the right way round! After three hours all games were still in progress, but tellingly, we were behind on the clock everywhere except for my game. Richard had the only position that looked hopeful, but he agreed a draw in a position where he had not realised how much better he stood. Ian confessed that he could have resigned on move 20, despite not being material down. Martin thought he might have had some chances in the time scramble, except that he then lost on time. I took a pawn in a line against the Najdorf that has a dubious reputation, but came within a move of unravelling my position. Fortunately, my opponent took ages trying to find the best way to win before blundering a pawn and losing on time.

The Italian evening meal was preceded by an entertaining night orienteering exercise through the cobbled back-streets of Coventry.

Sunday 14 January

1 w Upton, Ian J 2270 - Cooper, Lawrence 2307
2 b Webb, Richard M 2272 1 - 0 Fowler, Simon 2218
3 w Corkett, Anthony R 2340 - McFarland, Robert S 2238
4 b Simons, Martin J 2223 1 - 0 Burrows, Martin P 2230
5 w Ferrington, Nigel M 2116 0 - 1 Hagesaether, Arne 2160
6 b Yeo, Michael J 2144 1 - 0 Wilson, Alexandra (F) 2056
7 w Tunks, Dominic 2115 - Crombleholme, Alan K 2119
8 b Norman, Dinah (F) 2003 0 - 1 Parmar, Amisha (F) 1979

Ian ensured that there would be no repetition of the previous days crisis by appearing with most of Coventry's spare pens. Our opponents had lost 7- to Oxford the previous day which gave us some hope. Dinah's opponent had attended Selina's birthday party the night before, but showed no ill-effects (unlike the Wessex 2 attendee!) and won quickly. My opponent had been celebrating her 21st the night before and, whilst she also displayed no visible ill-effects, she was completely lost by move 12. Embarrassingly, I have discovered that after 10 seasons of 4NCL chess and 113 games, this is the first weekend that I have managed to score 2/2! Dominic opened his account for the season and Ian drew solidly. The other four games all looked favourable to various degrees, but disaster struck as Nigel played a move that looked as though it was the solution to a help-mate. This left us 3-2 down for the next three hours, while I remembered that in the previous Sunday rounds all four Wessex matches had finished 4-4; an outcome that still looked very possible again. Eventually, Martin and Richard were able to nurse home their endgames and Tony was allowed to agree a draw in a position where he confessed he hadn't a clue what was happening!

Saturday 13 January

    WESSEX 2   v BRISTOL 2  
1 w Rutter, Nicholas 2189 0 - 1 Collier, David O 2149
2 b Clark, Ian C 2123 0 - 1 Easton, Alex 2137
3 w Pleasants, Allan J 2075 - Dilleigh, Stephen P 2125
4 b Jenks, Bruce 2099 1 - 0 Curtis, John 2127
5 w Gregory, Keith D 2077 0 - 1 Humphreys, Jerry 2102
6 b Pym, Thomas W 2053 1 - 0 Chaplin, Peter * 2049
7 w Marsh, Roger 2094 - Richardt, Mike * 2090
8 b Goddard, Charlie (J) 1800 1 - 0 Owens, Megan (F) 1760
        4 - 4    

Ian Clark reports:

The match against Bristol 2 was one that I felt we had to win. The match started well with Roger having a quick draw and then Charlie making his debut having a comfortable win on board 8. Most of the other games also looked good at this stage. Bruce had another win on board 4 and Keith looked good but in a time scramble gambled and unfortunately lost. Allan also had a good draw leaving us 3-2 up with good prospects on all boards. Tom won his game but by this time Nick who had been in complete control and had turned down a draw offer when winning slipped up in Queen & 2 pawns each ending. This left me at the board where I thought I was holding a difficult ending but played a few bad moves giving me no chance. So we drew 4-4 when looked like we would win about 6-2.

Sunday 14 January

1 w Hetey, Laszlo 2337 1 - 0 Rutter, Nicholas 2189
2 b Tippleston, Charles 2192 0 - 1 Clark, Ian C 2123
3 w Smith, Graham 2133 0 - 1 Pleasants, Allan J 2075
4 b Macdonald-Ross, Michael 2143 0 - 1 Jenks, Bruce 2099
5 w Freeman, Richard C P 2106 0 - 1 Gregory, Keith D 2077
6 b Habershon, Paul 2095 1 - 0 Pym, Thomas W 2053
7 w Williamson, Kevin J 2017 1 - 0 Marsh, Roger 2094
8 b Stenning, Marissa (F) 1815 0 - 1 Goddard, Charlie (J) 1800
        3 - 5    

Ian Clark:

We needed to get something out of our Sunday game against FCA which was going to be difficult as they outgraded us on 7 boards and had an IM on board 1. I thought some divine intervention was needed so visited Coventry Cathedral Sunday morning and my prayers were answered!!

The match did not start well with Roger losing very quickly and some other matches looking dodgy. Keith also finished quickly with a fine win. I was having a very nice game where I had managed to get 2 connected passed pawns and overwhelmed my opponent. Nick was always struggling against Hetey and could not hold the position. Charlie had a strong position and eventually his opponent caved in under the pressure so Charlie had an excellent 100% score on his very first weekend. Tom was suffering for most of the game ( nothing to do with Selina’s party ! ) and despite a valiant effort lost out.

This left us at 3-3 with the final 2 games looking interesting. Bruce had turned down a draw when a pawn down which surprised us all but he never looked like losing so he continued on attacking. Meanwhile Allan had a very interesting position where he was on top but had to be very careful. Eventually after getting through 2 time controls he found a very nice mate securing the match as Bruce could not lose. Bruce played his end game very well and won an excellent game.This gave us a very fine 5-3 win and keeps us in with a shout of staying up.

(Ed: Unfortunately, the inordinate delay before the games get published means that Ian had to write his report before spotting that Bruce's opponent resigned in a drawn position! Also, describing the game as "excellent" is presumably sarcastic as Bruce was 2 pawns down in a R+P ending that 99% of chess players would have resigned.)

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