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Mondial Global Investors (MGI) was founded in Hong Kong as an independent investment management company, providing specialised fund management services to investors since 1997. In 1999 the firm opened a Tokyo office.  MGI manages two funds, MGI Emerging Growth and since June 1999 MGI Nihon Seicho Kabushiki ("high growth equity") and is launching a third fund, MGI Aggressive Biotech in the fall of 2001.  The MGI Nihon Seicho Kabushiki is a flexible portfolio, actively managed and focused on corporates in high growth sectors. The fund focuses exclusively on Japanese and Asian markets.  The MGI Emerging Growth fund focuses on high growth companies in Europe and the Americas.

These funds enable MGI to make optimal responses to the volatility caused by increasing capital and information flows across borderless financial markets in the New Economy.


Paul Staines   Chief Investment Officer
        Paul Staines

Chief Investment Officer                                 



Kelly Nightingale   AnalystKelly Nightingale




Mai Sasaki   Administration         

        Mai Sasaki




The objective of the funds is to increase net asset value under any and all market conditions by investing world-wide in any combination of currencies, bonds and equities. The funds are offshore hedge funds, investing long and short in listed companies and exchange traded securities. The company's team uses its corporate finance experience to ensure that its investment performance combines an entrepreneurial approach with strong controls on risk.

MGI also acts as corporate development advisor and provides private equity funding for companies seeking a stock market listing. The company advises technology and internet companies requiring early stage financing.


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