Excess water in the intestine



This is not strictly speaking a disease. It is a condition the bees can get into in the winter. It may be due to the following:-


Unripe honey and/or late feeding

Granulated stores

Alcohol due to fermenting stores

Brown, raw or acid inverted sugars used for feeding

Long periods wintered on heather honey.


When the rectum weight of the bee reaches ⅓ of the bees weight comb soiling starts

When the rectum weight of the bee reaches ½ of the bee’s weight dysentery is certain


Signs in the colony

Fouling of the combs, around the hive and in the entrance.

In severe cases and bad weather it can kill a colony. It is more likely that colonies weakened by this condition succumb to virus infections.

Often associated with spreading Nosema



Avoid the causes

Feed a thick syrup