William Overington

When wordprocessing, one sometimes needs an inline symbol that is not available in the standard founts. For example, suppose that one is preparing a document that is to be printed onto paper and used as part of a survey. One might like some plain boxes that participants in the survey can tick. Here are some such designs that I have produced. I am retaining my copyright as I may be able to license them for inclusion on CDs. However, people who find them here are welcome to use them in their wordprocessing if they so wish, free of royalty payment.

The boxes are supplied in plain black upon a white background in both gif and bmp file formats. All of the files that have a file name that commences with the word "box" have a square image and then the file name has the number of pixels high (such as 12, 16, 18, 24) then the letter b to mean "bordered by" and then the number of pixels of width of the border. Please note that the pixels in the boxes are 96 to the inch and typeface points, as in "point size" are 72 to the inch, so the point size is three quarters of the number of pixels. For example, 24 pixels in these boxes is 18 points. However, as typefaces often allow for ascenders and descenders, it is best to select the most appropriate box for any application by trying a few alternatives and selecting on the basis of visual appeal.

The illustrations on this web page are produced by using the gif files. The original artwork was produced as bmp files using Microsoft Paint and gif files were made from the bmp files using Microsoft Photo Editor.

box12b01.gif box12b01.bmp
box12b02.gif box12b02.bmp
box12b03.gif box12b03.bmp
box16b01.gif box16b01.bmp
box16b02.gif box16b02.bmp
box16b03.gif box16b03.bmp
box18b01.gif box18b01.bmp
box18b02.gif box18b02.bmp
box18b03.gif box18b03.bmp
box18b04.gif box18b04.bmp
box24b01.gif box24b01.bmp
box24b02.gif box24b02.bmp
box24b03.gif box24b03.bmp
box24b04.gif box24b04.bmp
box24b05.gif box24b05.bmp

Requests for new bitmaps to be added may be emailed. Requesting a new bitmap is free. There is no charge should a requested bitmap be added. Requester's details will not be published.

Copyright 1998 William Overington