Cowl Street Archaeological
Evaluation at Evesham, England.

In England, somewhat south and slightly west of the centre of the country is Worcestershire. Worcestershire is a county. In the rural south-east part of Worcestershire is the town of Evesham. Worcestershire is divided administratively into a number of districts. Evesham is in the district of Wychavon. Some local government services are handled by the district and some by the county. For example, planning for Evesham is carried out at district level and archaeological services for Evesham are carried out at county level. Cowl Street is a small street in the centre of Evesham that is not used by through traffic. Indeed, in recent years one end of Cowl Street has been closed to most traffic as part of the process of pedestrianisation of Bridge Street, to which it joins at right angles. In the display of miniature pictures, the top left picture looks towards Bridge Street and, indeed, one of the buildings from the far side of Bridge Street can be seen in the distance. The site of this archaeological evaluation is not large.

As well as the photographs, this presentation about the Cowl Street archaeological evaluation includes an article by Darren Miller, Field Officer, Worcestershire County Council Archaeological Service.


This portfolio of pictures of the Cowl Street archaeological evaluation consists of a number of large images which may, for some users, take a long time to download. Due to this situation, miniature 20% size images have also been prepared so that users may select from the images without needing to download all of the full size images.

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Please click here to read the article by Darren Miller, Field Officer, Worcestershire County Council Archaeological Service.

Photographs taken by Norman Overington

Photographs Copyright 2000 Norman Overington

Norman Overington