William Overington

Some extra items for The Eutotokens of Learning, which is a collection of stories speculating on a future infrastructure for free to the end user distance education on the internet.

Copyright 2007 William Overington.

I started an extra story where Edith gets in a bit of a muddle, yet later solves the problem, yet I never finished writing it.

This was going to be an interlude sequence in the movie.

Edith goes for a walk in the grounds, as she walks the music "My happiness" is playing, strong with saxophones, (I had heard a midi file of this and liked it). Edith look at some virtualanto sculpture tiles set out in the grass. As she glances at them almost casually, the sculpture, as a superimposed graphic, leaps onto the screen, as if located as a real sculpture above the tiles, as if we are viewing what Edith is imagining in her mind. Edith moves on and views a slightly more complicated virtualanto sculpture and as she glances at it, that sculpture leaps onto the screen.

Edith continues to walk and glance at several sculptures, each leaping onto the screen in turn. However, the next sculpture sort of crashes and a tangle of planes and solids appears superimposed. Edith stops. Looks again. Another, different, tangled image. Edith wipes it away and walks away. After a while, Edith turns round, walks back to the tiles, looks at them in detail, then stands back. The highly complicated sculpture leaps onto the screen, accurately represented. Edith gives a smile of satisfaction, the music reaches a peak, Edith turns and walks on, camera fades.

The virtualanto system is another of my ideas.



I found the specific midi that inspired me on the web.

It is on the following page.


The direct link is as follows.


Edith and John have just entered the computer room and have sat down at workstations next to each other. John is to her left, nearer the window than is Edith.

Edith starts to log on. She enters her user name. John glances slightly to his left.

"What stylish Venetian blinds" says John.

Edith has now entered her password.

John starts to log on. He enters his user name.

Edith glances slightly to her right.

"I do like this wallpaper" says Edith.

John has now entered his password.