In order to find the dragon, first put the mouse pointer in the background area to the left of the lion. Move the mouse pointer slowly to the right until the lion's nose is touched. There is no need to click. In fact, touching the edge of the picture on the left hand edge is sufficient, but it is easier to describe the process in text unambiguously by suggesting touching the lion's nose in the manner suggested. If the mouse is moved too fast the left hand edge will not register in the software as being in the correct place. Now move the mouse pointer to the background area below the lion. Next move the mouse pointer up to the lion so that the mouse pointer touches the border below a point about two thirds back on the lion's left front paw. The dragon should appear. In the event of difficulty, please click in the area just below the lion and a guide to the active part of the lion will be shown. Clicking on the guide area will switch it off. Please note that the active area of the lion may be slightly larger than the displayed picture. Please note that the left hand edge of the picture needs to be first touched in order to set up the active area properly.

William Overington
26 November 1998
Copyright 1998 William Overington