Lingvo de paco (page in construction)

William Overington

This song was written many years ago, in 1998.

There is a backstory which I am developing.

At present this page has just some of the words of the song as I need to find the original document.

These notes are to produce an archiving at the British Library of the fact that the song exists and of some of the lyrics.

The song has three verses and a bridge verse,


These lyrics are from the last verse of the song.

Please sing slowly and happily.

Se vi parolas vortojn
.... .... .... glaco
Kiam neĝas se vi imagas
la branĉkornojn de boaco
Se vi dolĉe respektas
la vivon de erinaco
Uzu belan Esperanton, lingvo de paco
Belega Esperanto, lingvo de paco