Research notes by William Overington

17 August 2010

Earlier today I produced a .wmf file using Serif DrawPlus Starter Edition. I used a quickshape and adjusted two of the parameters.

The purpose of this particular .wmf file is so that if it is used within the 3d workshop of the Serif ImpactPlus program and a 3d shape produced and the shape then used within the main window of the program, then the orientation of the 3d shape is clear, as the stem of the post is much wider than the branch of the post. Thus the shape might be useful for learning about the effect of rotations within ImpactPlus, so that the experience gained can be used with other objects.


14 June 2010

I have now produced the Quest PIOC 009 font with authoring-time glyphs for all of the 249 characters specified as in the U+XYnnn series in the paper_draft_005.pdf document, with F used instead of X and A used instead of Y. This means that the font has glyphs in the U+FAnnn series. I have not included the codepoints from the section of the paper_draft_005.pdf document that is typeset in a handwritten font.

The QPIOC009.TTF file containing the Quest PIOC 009 font is available from the following web page.

The file is under 182 kilobytes in size.

There is also a Unicode Text Document exported from WordPad that includes all 249 characters that is available from the same web page.

If producing experimental software using the authoring-time glyphs using WordPad, one saves from WordPad to a Unicode Text Document.

When authoring software using the Quest PIOC 009 font, I use a WordPad .rtf file in the first instance and, once that is saved, I save as a Unicode Text Document as well.

I use the Quest PIOC 009 font at 24 point, though readers may use it at a size of their own choice as the size used when producing a .rtf file does not affect the coding in the Unicode Text Document file.

11 June 2010

An authoring font is under development. The present stage of development of the font includes glyphs for 75 of the commands in the paper_draft_005.pdf document. They cover the commands for the general program structure, (though not for the commands for defining and using functions or interrupts) together with all of the commands that use only integers.

The font is available for download from the following web page, where there are some notes as well.

3 June 2010

The following document is available.

paper_draft_005.pdf (77923 bytes)