Pterodactyl Software Ltd

We have a passion for writing console games that borders on madness and social unacceptability.

Unfortunately, because of our genetic predisposition to staying up late and eating junk food (like we did with "Duke Nukem Total Meltdown"/PlayStation) we’re likely to carry on writing games for the forseeable future,

We're terribly sorry about this situation, but please try to find it in your hearts to forgive us. We are miserable sinners etc.

Whether you forgive us or not, to keep your life simple please choose one of the following easy options…

 UnrealEd level designers looking for a job to die for (ie, with us), click here.

 PlayStation publishers looking for FPQ, our excellent PlayStation movie encoder/player, click here.

 Useless developers looking to poach our staff to replace their useless employees, click here.

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This website was constructed by someone with nothing better to do.

Technical note: we're not sufficiently in love with ourselves to include loads of gratuitous animating GIFs here, so this should have loaded near-instantly, even via a proxy on that stupid Palm Pilot you insist on carrying around with you. And did you get the little leather carrying case for Christmas? I bet you did. And a spare plastic dipstick pen. And do they really call it a "dipstick" or did I just make that up? You'll probably never know…