A FantasticTechnology
(March, 2003)

By Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

If anything was ever enshrouded in confusion and mystery, the Arc of the Covenant takes precedence. The Arc has played an indispensable role in man's salvation on this planet which continues to this day. The information contained in this article is a simplified rendition of the Guardian Alliance material, transmitted (not channelled) by Ashayana Deane.

Firstly, we may encounter two spellings: 'arc' and 'ark'---though 'ark' is well associated with Noah's Ark. Apparently Noah did not escape the Great Flood by means of a boat---Noah's Ark---but through the Arc of the Covenant within the Great Pyramid. There was in fact an incidence of a previous flood in which a boat was built: thus clearly the Noah's Ark story is a partial fabrication to hide the true meaning of the Arc---yet the story was still based on truths so that it would intuitively feel correct to people being deceived. It is interesting to note that independently, Egyptologists Howard Middleton-Jones and James Michael Wilkie in their first book on the Great Pyramid, 'Giza-Genesis: The Best Kept Secrets', show how the biblical explanation of the Noah's Ark construction is a description of the passageway into the Great Pyramid where they say the Covenant is stored. Furthermore, the well-known chest containing the tools also has been erroneously named the Arc (or Ark) of the Covenant. These tools were used to open the portal bridge of the Arc, of which this bridge portal was only one of its functions.

Although 'Arc' refers to an extremely advanced technology, fundamentally it means the same as 'arc' in, for example, arc welding---two terminals at different potential/voltage giving rise to a spark across the gap---an electrical passageway (even so, the original word was 'Arch'). Thus the Arc of the Covenant is a portal, bridging dimensional frequency bands and locations, somewhat similar to what one might imagine is achieved by the so-called 'wormholes' of physics and science fiction. This is one of the Arc's functions.

Originally the Arc of the Covenant was called the Arch of the Covenant of Palaidor. Several advanced races of extraterrestrials collectively known as the Palaidorians made an agreement to aid planet Earth and its race of humans by providing an adoptive soul matrix secured within the Arc after the fall of man caused fragmentation of consciousness from its collective state (this is a concept virtually beyond human imagination and won't be pursued here). This agreement was known as the Covenant of Palaidor.

The technology of the Arc of the Covenant was installed into our planetary system and time matrix to counter, repair and rehabilitate imbalances and distortions---including in the Divine blueprint---created by negative interference. One of the problems of using such powerful artificial systems (though perfectly tuned to the natural universe) is the possibility of such a technology falling into the hands of negative, unenlightened ETs. Thus security procedures are designed into the system such as a 5th-dimensional seal which must be released by matching the frequency, or higher, to open the Arc portal bridge.

Now the Great Pyramid was built over the Arc's entrance to fortify and secure its location. (The Great Pyramid was apparently constructed about 46,000 BC, then rebuilt around 28,000 BC, 10,500 BC, and 9,500 BC after ET hostilities caused damage or destruction.) We might add that this location is also that of Earth's main vortex centre (corresponding to the heart chakra in humans). This vortex merged the third and fourth dimensional frequencies and when active within the harmonic resonating chamber of the Pyramid created an interdimensional alignment with a similar system in Sirius, enabling instantaneous transit of spacecrafts from the more advanced Sirian Council of the Anunnaki to Earth to keep the resistance Anunnaki, visiting Earth, in order.

Humans have also been allowed to believe the great ankhs were the Arcs of the Covenant. The larger of these tools were referred to as machines. They are secure and hidden within the Sphinx---beyond the Inner Earth portal which the Sphinx was built over around the time of the Great Pyramid. Inner Earth does not mean the centre of our Earth. The Sphinx was apparently built by the Sirian Council as a tribute to the Leonine race who were instrumental in laying the foundations of the Anunnaki and Sirian culture. The head was initially that of the Leonine race but was 'beheaded' by the Anunnaki Resistance. The Anunnaki of the Sirian Council then rebuilt it and the head was given the likeness of the Sirian Council Anunnaki, demonstrating their alliance with the founders.

The ankhs were charged using the Arc and were capable of many feats: opening the Arc portals; Inner Earth portals; healing; weather modifications; and the larger ones, gravity reversal; they could produce high frequency energy to be synthesized in specific ways and could manipulate morphogenetic fields of objects. Thus the great pyramids and the Sphinx were built using the large ankhs.

Further functions of the Arc itself, in addition to the Arc portal bridge, are resetting the Divine Blueprint and creating the so-called 'Golden Fleece'. If, say, the planet was invaded by ETs and they imposed in any way their consciousness distortions and DNA mutations on the civilisation and planet, or were destroying the sacred geometry by interfering with portals, the Arc, stargates, etc., the Arc, normally on autopilot, would act like an antivirus program in a computer that has just picked up a virus. This Arc override system with numerous levels of operation can create a 'Red Pulse' which will vaporise---reduce to basic consciousness particles---anything not protected. Thus it also creates the 'Golden Fleece' which raises the frequency spectrum of the object, planetary system, or even time matrix, holding it encapsulated in a transharmonic hyperdimensional field which preserves the integrity of the endangered region until restored to its normal operation. It apparently can reset conditions so that, say, an existing separated region such as the Phantom Matrix will be permanently isolated to prevent any further interference from misguided ET races.

The Phantom Matrix is a fallen region of lower-dimensional spectrum originally from our time matrix. It became a slowly degenerating black-hole reality and contains a fallen parallel Earth that the Bible refers to as the bottomless pit, Hades or Hell. Nevertheless if one fell into this, say, via the Falcon or Phoenix wormholes of the Bermuda Triangle, on the basis of frequency affiliation one wouldn't necessarily encounter sheer misery and torment; there would be upper portions of this reality which initially might be indistinguishable from Earth as it is today, though one would soon realise the control and suppression was greater and from an ET government; also that it was an astral frequency dimension with no death of the body, except that one would slowly die in an imperceptively imploding black-hole system (capable of lasting some hundreds of millions of years without external and internal sustenance). Hence the contradictory term 'the living dead'.

To clarify further the concept of resetting the Divine Blueprint, aspects or localities of the universe structure can be redesigned by sufficiently advanced beings. This may, however, take either of two forms: 1) harmonic adjustments, that is, technologies in phase with the Divine Blueprint and Divine plan, and directed under the auspices of the Law of One (or God), or 2) artificial structures directed by the Dark avatar collectives not in accord with the Divine Blueprint and designed to match their consciousness and DNA distortions, and to spread this 'virulent' pattern throughout the time matrix and other time matrices.

After the final step in the destruction and sinking of Altantis, 9500 BC, caused by the resistance ETs, the Sirian Council removed the ankhs and closed the portals. However, before prohibiting complete use of the ankhs two small tools were retained and charged from the Arc. They were placed in a gold chest and became known as the rod (short and cylindrical) and the staff (about 3 feet long); to be used for portal access. They also became known as the Arc of the Covenant. Eventually even these tools were discharged and confiscated from human use. This was the beginning of the dark ages for humans who over time were given less information, less truth, and more deception as to their history of advanced technologies.

As implied, the Arc of the Covenant portal bridge was used on appropriate occasions for evacuation purposes, usually to Inner Earth, such as was the case with Noah, escaping from the Great Flood. The dimensional passageway was also used for ascension purposes during the stellar activation cycles every 26,556 years and those who qualified frequency-wise could ascend to an upper parallel Earth called Tara, a planet and civilisation, structured from dimensions 4, 5, and 6. Apparently Pharaoh Akhenaton once made an error when using the ankhs to open the Arc portal bridge. He apparently opened portal frequencies giving access to the Phantom Earth.

As a final comment, all creations have a fundamental natural blueprint (the Divine Blueprint). Basically it is the same for anything from a thought to a human body, DNA, planet, time matrix, etc. This knowledge has been passed down to us from ancient history as the familiar Kabala, or tree of life. However, it is usually presented with its fallen-ET distortions, such as 10 or 11 spheres (instead of 12) corresponding to the imprint of the Drakonians and their main competitor and enemy, the Anunnaki, respectively. These misguided ETs intend to reconfigure our blueprint to correspond to theirs for conquest of territories, which means energy to them. The Arc of the Covenant is capable of protecting man or territories above the frequency level of these ETs and resetting the Divine Blueprint.

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