(July, 2004)


By Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

In Part I we applied the soccer model example to aid understanding of the complex features of the Fractal Matrix, in particular, consciousness and free will. It was explained that there are many actions that the players at D can make that would lead to the programmed goal. As another layer, state C is simultaneously influencing both offensive player and defense at D. This enables the complex relationship between the two players to exist, giving them both choices. Level B superimposes another layer on C and D for a wider simultaneous span of informational factors, making up the elements of the game, in particular, the player and opponent, plus goal keeper. All these sub-level fractal programmes constantly home-in the reducing probabilities to those which score a goal, with a high number of variations allowed even for this limited framework, ABCD.

As each player makes a new decision based on his limited, though considerable, degrees of freedom, the 'computer system' working from A through B and C instantaneously examines new combinations of the player's interactions with one another at C, providing complex probabilities for the goal to be achieved (since, remember, in this artificial example or thought experiment, the goal has been programmed). Thus we see that each higher fractal level is constantly being updated with the new incoming information about what the lower levels are doing. When the higher fractals are updated in this way they immediately adjust the probabilities to still make it work out according to the programme. This is what we mean by synchronicity underlying all processes---which we shall return to later.

We can apply the principle depicted by this simplified configuration A, B, C, D, to collective consciousness. State A could have programmes for peace, ethics, unity and support for all (instead of our current negative programmes generated from individual thinking by the process of quantum regeneration---which is resonance at the individual level D and regenerating the condition in A). Collective consciousness would be computing on an almost infinite number of probabilities every instant; probabilities relating to all that can happen in that appropriate dimension (for example, our 3D). The programmes in the collective state such as 'peace' would tend to restrict individual behaviour to peaceful ones. Nevertheless because of the countless possibilities of events which can bring peace there can be considerable free will at the individual level---even though there is this 'enforced' programme or archetype at the collective (A).

As stated, in reality we wouldn't specifically be governed by the fractal levels A, B, C, D. There would basically be an infinite gradient from the smallest programme component (similar to a 'bit' in our computers) to the whole, the collective consciousness. However, fixed states of mind and brainwashing will function like the above fractal levels. Brainwashing is manipulation and creation of fixed fractal contextual levels with little flexible gradient, forming closed systems that entrap consciousness.

Let us present yet another analogy. Suppose the company organisation, which is pyramidal, has a product that is a simple motor car. The president level is A, executive is B, manager is C, and groundfloor worker is D, with increasing numbers of persons from A to D. Level A, the president, has the programme for the whole car; level B has, say, two executives, one for the front half of the car and one for the back half; at level C, each manager has knowledge of right, or left side of the car (different manager though for front and back sides---this would be four managers); and let's say for D a groundfloor worker now has a side light to be fitted.

One must imagine that all the information is superimposed, forming a single programme. Also realise that we have chosen only four levels---these are specially contrived fractal levels. The groundfloor worker has the side light and through B, C and A, knows where to put it. Level A tells level C where the car is (that this is the car); B gives the information for front or back; and C which side to place the light; C is formatted to recognise the half-side of the car; where to place it.

Simultaneously each groundfloor worker can immediately place their bit on the car.  These 'bits' might be particles, which have to be located in a region or, for example, in keyboard playing the learned programme for a piece of music will similarly regulate the position of each finger (D)---through levels C, B, A (wrist, elbow, shoulder). One might note that the flow of information goes both ways, up and down the rank but the programme control only acts down (global control always manages local control). It is all taking place simultaneously at the top (A) and then the breakdown (quantum reduction) occurs for spacetime positions of fingers, which is precise separation in space and also in time.

Now the programme for operating a prehensile tail or imaginary prehensile 'arm' would have countless fractal steps. It would be like one continuous spiral from shoulder to fingers with as many as possible fractal levels selected/manifested (to cellular sizes, not quantum). Thus the background fractal gradient, normally in a virtual state, is being expressed more fully in such a prehensile example. In the consciousness example, this would correspond to one's 'soul' level being in control (being 'above' the programmes).

For control, the lower levels must rigidly reference the higher ones. Programmes can only pass down, not up, but selection passes up (the dog can wag the tail but the tail can't wag the dog---but the dog can change as a result of the effect of the tail). In this motion there are two quantities: uploading the selection of lower programme elements, and downloading the programme. That is, lower fractals can select probabilities, choices from the upper fractals. For example, the finger movements can select their patterns from the shoulder programme containing all the possibilities. For instance, in a learned keyboard sequence one finger action on a key will activate, within the shoulder programme, the movement for the next finger position, that is, the finger is selecting its next position from the shoulder programme. Each finger motion provides the spacetime context for the next position to be located. The learned programme is quite rigid but if the individual is to have control, say, at the finger level, the finger level must still select, by resonance, the overall pattern from the shoulder.

The arm fractals, with the rigidity between the fractal joints, have corresponding conditions in nature, for example, a fern and fronds; or a tree trunk and reducing branches. These branches can't be any size; they must reduce by an amount which makes the tree balanced. This is ordered nature. But in random nature all these fractal positions in the gradient can be manifested. For instance: any size waves on water; the clumpiness of a ploughed field can be any degree. These are, however, fixed at any one time, until redistributed by a disturbance or weather conditions.

Let us return to the car product programme. This is to illustrate how all the levels, such as A, B, C, D, must operate simultaneously nonlinearly for it to work. For example, the groundfloor worker, level D, only knows the side light, and if he, say, works only with the president, level A, he doesn't know where to put the light. This doesn't mean the president doesn't know---it means the format is incompatible and communication can't take place. In particular, it also means it is not the president's 'job' and he does not have the compatible way of doing it (for example, the president not operating at the material level). Level D, in effect, will be focussed in moving around the whole car with nothing to guide it to the correct locality. The manager C and executive B are necessary to provide a sufficient gradient of orders---right/left, front/back. This 'gradient' is complete since we constructed only four steps A, B, C, D, unlike the soccer example, which was limited to A, B, C, D, but required a full gradient to handle the complexities nonlinearly.

The arm has sufficient physical fractals for its adequate function. It is ordered at fixed fractal levels, the joints, which are sufficient to provide a wide range of spatial positions (in arm movements/skills) within the A level span.

The tree has about seven fractal levels on the average for its stable location and for proper balance; the degree of the branch extensions relate to strength of the wood structure, and distribution of nutrients from the soil, etc., which give rise to an aesthetic geometry. Fractal orders are fixed and probabilities limited on this basis.

The more fractal levels there are, the more complex the environment can be. Imagine if a certain size of wave can't form, or the clumpiness of soil in the field can only take on certain dimensions. In the soccer example, if there were only fractals A, B, C, D, as in our artificial example, the players would be limited to simple paths--such as ones without falling or thinking too freely. The programme at A would create these limitations based on its limited sub-programmes BCD.

In the car product example, if only A and D existed, that is, the whole car information and the side-light information, the car couldn't have a front or back, left or right designation as far as 'light' is concerned and therefore the car would have lights stuck anywhere on it---it is not difficult to see how chaos and mutations arises. The car would not have complex design features. Remember this company production is only an analogy, whereas other examples are not.

In considering consciousness, the spirit and mind of man is very complex and free will can potentially have a continuous fractal gradient (see article Free will and Fractals), which then means the corresponding universal applications/creations will have a basic template for material expressions, some of which will be continuous, such as in waves (any size), others based on selected fixed fractal levels along the gradient, such as twigs or a planet.

The soccer example is a good one to illustrate the nonlinear character of these natural processes and programming. This example is of the evolutionary type, since it illustrates 'bottom-up' characteristics and has no rigid fractal levels like the arm.  The more levels there are operating, but not fixed, the more freedom there is within the programme. Thus one can see how there can be a collective programme and yet have free will (within restrictions). The dog on a leash has many choices within a region of probabilities governed by the human. If the leash is progressively reduced in length---an analogy for a person's spiritual path/evolution/ ascension---the 'dog' becomes the 'human' (the human consciousness becomes the soul consciousness; the two fractal levels merge).

Thus we have 1) fixed ordered physical fractals such as the arm or trees, and 2) random physical fractals, such as fields, ground, clouds, etc. Consciousness fundamentally does not have fixed fractals. Nevertheless it has been set up to operate freely only within its fractal dimensional limitations, with a bottom-up selection of probabilities (there will be both positive (higher level) programmes and negative ones for this). The soccer example was one which demonstrates that even though there may be a fixed programme (goal), the lower level (the players) can make selections from choice (within limitations). Keep in mind that it is easier for the teacher to come down to the level of the student, for example, by pretending not to know, than for the student to go up to the teacher's level, by pretending to know; thus programmes can be reduced to the lower level, but the latter can only make selections.

Let us clarify what we are looking at here. Programmes for a robot or computer are a series of instructions. Such programmes know nothing else. They are divorced from creation itself. Whereas nature's programmes create reality; they include the hardware. Hardware and software are the same in the universal (mind/nature) computer system; they are part of creation. There is also the need to distinguish clearly between linearity and nonlinearity. The mind stores information in contextual layers or dimensional strata. The reason why, is that reality or existence as we know it wouldn't be present otherwise. A computer (artificial) example illustrating both linearity and simulating internal nonlinearity is given in the article Parallel Processing in the Natural World? If we pursue this artificial computer design using the soccer example, it is somewhat like having goal A programme, then no B or C until we get to D. This means the attacker is accessing countless probabilities at D, all giving single line paths to the goal. But once any one path is begun it doesn't change (or need to) and, in particular, the single path becomes completely predictable and almost linear at only two levels, D and A; there is almost no 'free will' in the programme. (Realise, using the dog analogy, if applied here (long leash), the dog is not being programmed within the human control (leash limit and path of human---that is, it is different). Compare a universe operating under these same conditions (just A and D); it would be filled with particles but no order to the particles--no groupings such as a planet (at least the groupings wouldn't hold together and the particles wouldn't know how to group), since as we have implied, a planet is not a group of particles stuck together; it has underlying wholeness. Contrary to this world of particles, we might consider, in the ideal (full fractal gradient) case, that the universe is in fact like an infinite fractal.

Let's follow through on this using the company example which has a pyramidal organisation. Consider persons X, Y, Z starting a company. Firstly, let's say they are equal partners. Thus we can picture them on a single level with a linear one-to-one communication between them. However, if we now promote X, who now monitors, instructs, and oversees Y and Z, we can place X above Y and Z, forming the characteristic pyramid effect. There is now no longer a one-to-one relationship between Y and Z. This relation between Y and Z is constantly modified by X and is nonlinear.

Persons Y and Z operate in the context of X. The three together represent a basic element of the universal computer system. It represents in fact a small element from the structure of consciousness. This limited example has two dimensional levels---and the objective/subjective relation is inherent within this. Any two concentric rings in Figure 1 (Part I) has the relationship properties of this XYZ configuration. (Remember that the spiral of Figure 1 only shows a single path, such as X to Y, or X to Z.)

Let us return to the ABCD relation in the soccer example. Every step D takes, is modified by C, B, and A. But again, this has only four fractal levels. It is a simple convenient and artificial example and in this form would reduce the possibilities of what would actually happen in this game. Thus it has less probable choices and there are paths with only four levels A, B, C, D. In fact, it would make the game much less interesting. In life there are countless levels between A and D, and many can be materialised with flexibility, for example, in the mind: a decision. However, some will be fixed, such as in brainwashing.

We might now see how by imposing specific (rigid) fractal levels into this configuration we not only manifest physical reality of the nature of ferns, trees, atoms and cosmos (not referring here to the randomness of pliable---as opposed to rigid---properties, such as waves, grass, earth, clouds, etc.). However, we have mental realities or contexts which cause consciousness to keep referencing them; what we can call mind-programming or brainwashing states, and prejudiced perception (also recordings from traumatic experiences). When this occurs the programmes are unconscious, or they are embedded, even by education. 

Regarding instability and stability (see article: The Fundamental Dilemma), instability is the random effect along the fractal gradient, such as ground or water-wave topologies, and stability is the fractal control level (enduring standing-wave structures) selected along this gradient, for example, an atom, molecule, Earth, star; sub-stable levels would be mountains and large ground terrains, hills, fields, etc. And as stated, limb joints are fractal control points but different from the prior examples in that the random fractal gradient between fixed fractal joints has been eliminated by the rigidity of the limb parts: upper arms, lower arms, etc.

This principle operating here with the Fractal Matrix is that, on the one hand, fractal levels at various positions in the fractal gradient create a reality for life; a viable existence with considerable variety. On the other hand, it gives us the second point that the gaps between fractal levels provide for free will, and selection of probabilities. At the same time, however, there can be guidance with different degrees of rigorousness/stringency. This indicates then that life is both exploratory (evolutionary) and design. Although this design is the global control programme at the fractal levels, it adjusts according to the selection made by the local control fractal from the probabilities available at the global control fractal.

This Fractal Matrix clearly accommodates the existence of anti-universes (the anti-spiral---see figures in Part I), also antiparticles and antigravity (planets have an opposite pole to gravity, provided by the anti-spiral). In particular, the Fractal Matrix allows for the phenomenon of synchronicity demanded by the theory of One (see article), or the law of One. All activities can be synchronous with the Fractal Matrix model. An example would be, being in the right place at the right time. Was it a coincidence? It not only doesn't have to be chance but the notion of 'chance' can begin to appear quite illogical in the Fractal Matrix---since it is a vast informational system and all states are provided for.

'Being in the right place at the right time' might involve many variables that tend to make it look more random, owing to the greater improbability of several simultaneous coincidences. It might be an important synchronicity event of, say, a potential superstar who will influence many significant factors in the future but that these factors in, say, other peoples lives are also part of their programmes. For these mass-level synchronicities the fractal levels high up must be allowing probability adjustments in space and time (actual future time) to create the 'right' times and spaces for many participants. That is, the Fractal Matrix simply utilises a wider span in space and time to shuffle around countless probabilities so that it works out correctly for each person or factor (there must be constant matching for synchronous events). These fractal control levels are (whole) quantum states. Regarding the individual life of the superstar, a programme will have been set at fractal level A (for this framework) for the life of this person so that the probabilities are virtually certain of the successful events coming to fruition, but accompanied by a powerful drive to succeed which never seriously considers failure.

Thus these are all occurrences synchronous with the programmes. There will be many trivial synchronicities confined to the lower fractals, not requiring large spacetime adjustments. The Fractal Matrix enables a structure to exist such as our reality that provides a flexible control system---lower levels and higher levels interacting to produce changes---but retaining sufficient randomness for evolution and freewill.

Inherent within the Fractal Matrix are the foundations for the holographic universe, the unified field, the whole subject of the paranormal and metaphysics, etc., in particlar, the Hermetic maxim 'As above, so below'.

In Part III and IV we shall examine the hardware and technology aspects of the Fractal Matrix applications.

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