(August, 2002)

By Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

 For the past couple of years or more, astronomers have been observing what was assumed to be a comet approaching our solar system. This information was not classified as secret but it wasn't readily publicised, in particular, as they began to realise what it was.

About a year ago, scientists recognised it wasn't a comet but a huge mass with the characteristics of a planet. Its mass has been stated to be several times that of Earth; other sources have compared it to the size of Jupiter, our largest planet; also that it is in orbit around our Sun with a very large orbital period. We can't justify the considered size of this mass here; maybe it is an error since it was more like a rumour. However, what we can say utilising ET transmitted information is that the planetoid Wormwood will be entering our system in about a year. The orbital period is given as around 3,600 years (or more accurately, 3657.8 years). Furthermore, it will be entering our solar system in opposition to the other planets' orbits, heading for a trajectory between Jupiter and Mars (the asteroid belt) but then swinging in dangerously close to Earth (between Earth and the Sun). The asteroid belt is recognised within the New Age as being the remnants of a large planet Maldek, which was fragmented by this same kind of disturbance, now forming the asteroid belt.

Its distance from our Sun was estimated about a year ago as three trillion miles. There is, however, contradictory information on when it will arrive, ranging from May, 2003 to 2006-2008.

What is this outerspace body threatening our solar system? Extraterrestrial information states it is referred to as Battlestar Wormwood. Now if we check Revelations in the Bible we will find reference to the star 'Wormwood'. It prophecises a blazing star named 'Wormwood' that wreaks havoc on Earth. However, according to the source noted at the end of this article, Revelations wasn't written by Saint John but a woman, who was of some spiritual awareness and who was astrally tagged to receive the information. This means she was given an implant in her astral field that would relay inspiration and channelling from the invader ETs who set this up. This same astral tagging holds also for so-called 'chosen' ones today in many fields, religion, politics, etc. to further the ET agenda.

Thus Revelations was inspired by apparently god-like voices from beyond. In fact most of Revelations is coded information from the resistance Anunnaki and Drakonian races. The actual source of Revelations and this 'Wormwood' description is apparently the Jehovian Anunnaki, who are a competing faction in opposition to the Nibiruan Anunnaki that run Battlestar Wormwood. The intention and plan of the Jehovian Anunnaki is to blast the body out of the sky (with scalar-sonic pulses). In any case if they don't do this the Guardian Alliance---enlightened ETs helping our planet---intend to fragment it and redirect it.

What is the purpose of this Battlestar planet? It is apparently a relay station for the planet Nibiru, and they are on opposite sides of the same orbit and therefore have the same orbital periods. Nibiru is at present near the Pleiades system, and will not enter our solar system for a number of years equal to about half the orbital period plus the number of years its counterpart Battlestar will take to get here. It has been stated that since the Anunnaki took over Nibiru its orbit dips in and out of our spectrum (from the so-called Phantom Matrix) but alternates in this manner with the Battlestar behaving similarly.

Planet Nibiru is inhabited by the Nibiruan Anunnaki who played a major role as 'gods' of our ancient and mythological past in shaping our evolution and future. This control and suppression still continues to this day. They commandeered Battlestar Wormwood (which apparently came from the break up of Maldek) to relay energies to a region on Earth below Stonehenge, England, where they have installed what is called a Nibiruan Diodic Crystal (NDC) about 25,000 years ago. This massive crystal system, when activated by Nibiru via Battlestar Wormwood, emanates a coded scalar-wave program directed vertically to above the Earth's surface where it intentionally intersects a main 'artery' of this planet. This is an energy line (Ley lines are a minor form of this), which links a coordination portal (energy centre) in Ireland to one in France.

The function of the NDC is to reverse this incoming flow and coding from Wormwood and to expand it through 16 arms that extends across the globe, forming what is called the Checkerboard Matrix (different sections of it in opposition to one another) or the Michael-Mary Matrix or Archangel Michael Matrix.

Astrally tagged (implanted) 'chosen' ones can tune into this matrix and channel 'Archangel Michael', which is actually information from the invader ETs. This doesn't mean Archangel Michael doesn't exist or is not available.

In addition, this NDC matrix, through resonance, reverses some of our DNA codes and also reverses the main central electromagnetic vortex (Merkaba) vertically located in the human body and hooked into the planetary core. Further examples of implants or mind control mechanisms from this matrix are the 'flight or fight' implant and the 'blame' implant.

The 'flight or fight' program is cleverly destructive. Theoretically all problems can be solved by communication, in particular, where conflict arises with people. A resolution reconciles the polarity, and unity consciousness is achieved. However, the implant kicks in when any conflict or counteraction is encountered causing an aggressive person to attack or 'fight' (and thus increases the separation and polarity), and the passive person to withdraw or 'take flight'---again preventing resolution. The 'blame' implant causes an individual to blame whatever or whoever is available when something goes wrong---a way of removing responsibility from the individual with the subsequent effect of arresting the evolution of consciousness and ascension.


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