(December, 2005)

N. Huntley, Ph.D.

The crop-circle phenomenon extends back a few hundred years, though in these early years historical recountings were infrequent and forgotten. It was not until the 1970s that the first sightings were acknowledged and brought to the attention of the public. Since then the 1980s showed a rapid rise in the appearance of these formations, particularly evident in England, mainly the South. The 1990s showed a marked increase in the complexity of the configurations, often manifesting pictogram designs and more recently computer fractals, and meaningful hieroglyphs are not uncommon. To date, the crop circles have appeared in about 30 countries and over 10,000 cases have been reported, discovered in many plant media, such as wheat, barley, vegetable crops, grass, and soybeans. Diameters of 300 feet are not uncommon, and increasing beyond this to a claimed extensive formation of about three quarters of a mile long.

The earliest cases were explained away as caused by freak wind vortices, but as the forms became more difficult to explain, human intervention followed, giving an alternative cause, which then gave rise to fluctuating media coverage. Today groups of enthusiasts are succeeding in achieving extraordinary complex designs, sometimes with great frequency, for example, in 2003 out of about 80 circles analysed only three were established as not of human origin. How can one tell? What is the difference between human creations and those being attributed to off-planet intervention?

Crop circles not created by humans (referred to as genuine) are said to be not perfectly circular but are slightly elliptical. Also they are much neater since no one has to move from one point to another on the ground, trampling the crops. Moreover, plants are broken at the base by treading and using planks. Crop circle investigators find that the strongest evidence for genuine formations is that the stalks are bent and not broken. Farmers will also confirm this. It appears that the stems have been heated as though with microwaves, causing them to bend to an angle of 90 degrees horizontally with the ground. During this process, moisture turns to steam and farmers confirm having witnessed steam rising from a new genuine crop circle. Also charring of the stems occurs and soil samples show a crystalline structure.

Magnetic anomalies and disturbances have been detected around them that cause both positive and negative effects in humans, in particular, affect people's biophysical rhythms, interfere with compasses, cameras and cell phones, and there are effects to aircraft, and in some cases prior to the appearance of the crop formation interference to car batteries and the power grid system. Military helicopters are often the first to appear over new formations and have the technology to detect the electromagnetic fields. Further observations reveal temporary traces of unnatural radioactive isotopes, and there are ultrasonic effects which disturb animals, causing barking, and which have been seen to vomit in the formations. It has been found that spectators become muddled and confused in left-brain thinking in the vicinity of crop formations. The magnetic field has been found to have rotated a few degrees about a central point in the designs.

Long after the imprints of the formations have disappeared the area can be dowsed, that is, the effects of the imprints are still present. Many casual observers and investigators over the years have been present during the manifestation of crop circles and on some occasions the phenomenon was accompanied by balls of light which have been filmed. Police have been reported to have spotted them and given chase by police car. A typical period of time for the completed manifestation of a design is around 10-20 seconds. There is the interesting example of a pilot flying over Stonehenge and observing no crop formations, and 15 minutes later another pilot sighted a 900ft fractal design nearby.

The sceptical reader might now realise how thorough the cover-up is, that such clear evidence of non-human activity is being ignored and not given to the public. The media is set up to invalidate all such paranormal events, particularly anything to do with ETs. The crop circle when properly confronted can be recognised as our clearest physical evidence for the presence of extraterrestrials.

In some crop markings the stalks are only leaning a few degrees. This would be impossible with people walking and trampling the crops. This treading of crop is an obvious sign of humans at work. Also, elaborate designs by humans have construction guide lines stepped out before the main pattern is impressed and these guide marks are usually clearly visible after completion---a feature not present or necessary in genuine formations.

In the early 1990s the media were reporting that all crop circles were created by two elderly artists, who were making this claim, now referred to as the 'Doug and Dave' argument or story. It has since been stated that this debunking ruse was originated by the government. This prank was particularly exposed when an astronomer, examining the formations allegedly made by the two men, found geometric ratios which matched the frequencies of the diatonic musical scale, and discovered geometric relationships which are not taught anymore. Amazed at the ancient and forgotten theorems they had incorporated into the designs, he consequently contacted the two men only to find that they had no knowledge of them. Following this disclosure, which was around 1992, the American media coverage on crop circles almost dwindled to zero.

The subject wouldn't be complete without a mention of the Chilbolton Arecibo message formation. In 1974 SETI ('Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence') sent a message into space from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. The message signals were in digital binary format such that an intelligent receiver could recognise the patterns as a pictogram of meaningful pixels (small dots or squares), such as a symbol of a human with the information of the average height, 5' 9", and the number of DNA strands, etc. In the year 2000, two crop formations appeared in the field near the Chilbolton radio telescope in Hampshire, England. One was the 'pictogram' format of digital information sent out in 1974 from Arecibo and the other an almost identical formation, with the response to the first one that was sent into space. The differences corresponded to a different civilisation. For example, in place of the human stick figure was now an image of a smaller being with large head and eyes---our familiar little Grey or Zeta alien; also with the height information of about 3' 4"; the known average height as given in channellings. Similarly there was a change in the DNA from two strands for humans to three strands.

Did the Zeta aliens in 2000 finally reply to our message sent in 1974, or is it a hoax? No one seems to know for sure. On the one hand, for humans to produce two large and complex formations, such as these is quite remarkable, and one tends to favour that they are genuine. On the other hand, although the answers were intelligent (though conventional), the alien type is the most popular choice from a huge array of possible ET types, and the height is nothing new. Further, our two-strand DNA is a single double-helix of information. An extra strand is not a lot for the advancement one would expect from such a civilisation, and also that it would likely be another double strand (of single information) at least. Therefore a few of the answers are superficially conventional (even if academic) and we might suspect a very well executed hoax.

We can now ask whether the genuine forms are communicating through geometric intelligence? This is much more a nonlinear intuitive right-brain phenomenon of which the average human is relatively disabled as a result of the gradual predominance of left-brain programming on this planet. Could our cells or DNA understand these geometric patterns, achieved by resonance of frequency patterns and transfer of information? All this is beyond the reach of the conscious intelligent human mind---an IQ of 200 wouldn't make any difference. What does channelling say about crop circles? At least from the perspective of a channelled source (ETs) they should know the answer to the riddle if one can rely on these outsiders. The following information is an assortment of descriptions and explanations channelled via humans.

Crop circles are all related and move a frequency band around the planet that helps man to adjust to the new frequencies (the ascension-effects that the planet and civilisation are encountering) and form an intelligent grid-work around the planet. The geometry of the circles is a form of intelligence and the circles are made with sound. The crop formations subliminally speak to the collective consciousness and open doorways for energies. The glyphs contain huge amounts of information that the rational mind can't grasp. In fact one source states that England was the first country to receive them since this is where rationality and logic received its main contribution. The reading of crop circles requires the right brain and thus encourages the over-logical mind to give way. They are expressions of consciousness of which the latter will expand through understanding them but more through feeling; not thinking. The circles speed up evolution and DNA and the frequency patterns from the circles are made up of waves which can be modulated. They are formed over vortices---these can be intersection points (nodes) of energy lines (such as ley lines). Humans have recognised this, that the formations appear on the nodes of magnetic lines. Note that some UFOs have been said to fly via these intersection vortices and that the covert government install their (mind control) antennas over them. Bruce Cathie, the author of the 'harmonic universe' books, discovered this grid system decades ago and was offered a permanent position with the secret government, but only to shut him up.

More specifically, transmitted information from the Guardians, not channelled, via Ashayana Deane (Book: Voyagers volume 1) gives us a clearer picture of what is happening. Let us present a brief coverage from this superior source.

Crop circles are not created through mechanical or laser-like technologies. They are cast on the level of 'sub-atomic energy imprints' (that is, patterns underlying the atoms), and utilise the organic electromagnetic elements of the immediate environment, and particular geometry of the location, to achieve multidimensional manipulation. Some crop formations stimulate neurological and biological processes, others repress these processes. The language of these geometric forms operate at the level of geometric codes. Just as the 26 letters of the English language combine in countless different ways to create hundreds of thousands of meanings, so basic code units combine to form a universal language---they are present in all creations and are an inherent part of all blueprints of life and the universe. This is the language of biology, cells, DNA, and the elemental world. The intention is to imprint into the location fundamental frequency patterns (including code structures) to influence the population in specific ways. The radius of influence is several thousands of miles for any one crop circle, and the formations are often related even though thousands of miles apart and link together to create greater wholes (of frequency patterns). The informational influence of the circles still exist long after the physical impression has disappeared. They are indelibly imprinted into the ground, air, and local biological forms.

Thus, as stated, crop circles are the first significant physical evidence of the extraterrestrial presence. However, the early ones and a percentage of them today are a form of mass-frequency-control device. But the good news is that the benevolent ETs began counteracting the harmful formations with other designs sometime ago and today there are now more beneficial formations than not. All forms are influencing us on subliminal levels continuously. The benevolent ETs found that the most successful method of cancelling the effects of these subliminal programming devices (negative crop circles) was to create positive formations around the world. Thus today there are significantly more positive ones than negative. The author collected 18 good images of formations and had them evaluated by an expert pendulum dowser (one who addresses the source, or highest self and corrects for interference from ETs, etc.). The crop circles were within the last five years and the results were: three negative, eight positive, and seven 50/50, that is, about 50% negative and 50% positive for each image. All eighteen images checked out as done by ETs. Of course we don't know whether this is really accurate but it is worth mentioning since we humans haven't got a chance of understanding these mysterious land markings---they are way beyond human evolution. Existing interpretations are far too simple but since there are layers of embedded information they can still be true.

In conclusion, the above information will not be welcomed by most crop-circle experts and certainly not the New-Age groups, who generally only see the positive side. Our evolution has been manipulated by mass biological and spiritual control devices, resulting in a condition hugely deviant from the evolutionary probabilities of the original (Divine) blueprint, exemplified by the incredible state of chaos, insanity and suffering in the world today. Most aspects of life on this planet are not as normal as people think. The global crop-circle network, barring benevolent intervention, is one of many effective subliminal technologies that are communicating frequency patterns to our DNA, and also codes within the structures of the planet, solar system, etc.

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