(Sept., 1998)

By Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

Duality, as the word implies, means two states, two poles, both of which arise from a division of unity. The unity aspect of this energy mechanism will be at least 4-dimensional, projecting into 3D but a more detailed description is beyond the scope of this article. Nevertheless, it is explained in the new physics section, under The Basic Energy Unit: The Vortex. By 4D we mean a direction at right angles to 3D, into inner space.

What kind of existing references do we have for the word 'duality'? Eastern philosophy, in particular Buddhism, recognises the dual nature of material reality and that enlightenment is a non-dual state. The yin/yang of Eastern philosophy is an expression of the duality. We might see what is meant by the Buddhist's statement the middle way, or moderation in all things, or even the concepts wholeness, whole foods (grains), holy, balance, etc.; the oscillation in the duality is balanced---not biased on one side or the other. The individual is operating at the midpoint in the swing (for example, yin to yang), from positive pole to negative pole (note that 'negative' is like the mirror-image of 'positive'---it is not bad unless we are dealing with the negative psychological dualities). However, to the degree that one is operating at this midpoint, one ascends the gradient 3D to 4D, eventually rising above the dualities into higher frequencies and integration. At this enlightened level one perceives both sides of any interaction or communicating system.

The term 'duality' is commonly used in New-Age material, but its only reference in orthodox science is in quantum theory, notably the wave/particle duality. A discussion of this is also beyond the scope of this article except that it is of interest to note that this wave/particle duality* can be interpreted as being a manifestation of the 'vertical' duality from higher dimensions to lower, as opposed to 'horizontal' polarities---to be explained.

Within New-Age material these two different dualities, vertical and horizontal, are not at all clearly defined. The term duality is used indiscriminately. However, vertical and horizontal are not independent. One may picture a 'vertical' oscillation from 4D to 3D but, simultaneously, as the swing descends into 3D, it divides and oscillates 'horizontally'. It is one whole, though. This configuration, two poles on the same level then a third one 'above' the other two (diagrammatically forming a triangle) but located in inner and higher space is a basic element for all structuring (see article on the triad principle in New Education, Part VIII). The two 3D poles require the third one 'above' for their existence and integration.

This could be called a 4-polarity system: two poles vertically within which function two poles horizontally. The energy can be pictured as coming 'down' from the unity and wholeness of 4D, or higher, down the gradient 4D to 3D and creating the material reality in 3D. At this level, the matter of atomic structure manifests as a result of the positive and negative poles (horizontal duality) interacting. Thus the smallest element of practical structuring for our universe is not a particle (or particle/antiparticle (alone), or positive and negative) but this triad, a 4-polarity system. However, as we shall see, there are many polarity levels along this gradient.

Now at the mind level this duality is the nature of the ego: thinking in dichotomies (good or bad, etc.), carrying out selfish acts, and just emphasis on self and what is considered normal; even the over separation of subjective and objective. These states of mind split the energy, creating opposite poles. These mind frequencies though are of much higher rates, and the magnitude of the energy (oscillation span in space and time) must be thought of as much larger than at the atomic level.

Now frequencies of life and the environment increase as we go up the scale of dimensions. The oscillations increase in rate and are more correlated---that is, are more in phase, in harmony---attaining greater unity in higher dimensions (but this is then part of a larger picture---a higher level which does not have negative dualities).

Thus we find there appears to be two categories of the horizontal polarity. There are natural ones: gravity/antigravity; male/female; positive charge/negative charge; north/south poles; particle/antiparticle; yin/yang, etc. Negative and deleterious dualities would be: perpetrator/victim (evil/receivers of evil); love/hate; happy/sad; enthusiasm/depression; rich/poor; imbalanced male/female characteristics, etc. We see that there are many mental and emotional polarities. In this negative category, which a civilisation steeped in turmoil such as ours will manifest abundantly, the dual state will always be compulsive. All compulsions are dichotomous (two poles). Both sides are extremes and have degenerating consequences. We see that, for example, 'enthusiasm/depression' is negative in the sense that if enthusiasm is dependent on external stimulation and involving a compulsive exaggeration, the opposite 'depression' will also be readily available and stronger. Each tends to generate the other. A sane and evolved society would only have the constructive polarities.

It may be necessary to point out that there are two types of separation here. There is 1) the positive separation, which defines degree of individuality and ability to think for oneself, and 2) psychological polarities, giving a further (sub-) separation into duality, producing the undesirable dichotomies (operating one side of the duality).

It is important to note that in the above dualities, the individual may be stuck on one side, that is, experiencing one pole for a long time before flipping over to the other pole, or it could be, say, hours or less with some dualities. Nevertheless, the above psychological dualities are all based on ego conditions (over-emphasis on self).

In the case of the gravity/antigravity dichotomy we are on one side of these opposites. This is not an aberration though but these poles would be expected to evolve toward their unity. (Note that both poles would be gravity but each is antigravity relative to the other---antigravity would be the opposite (anti-universe) side along a 4D direction---see article on gravity.)

A further property of the physical universe is that although there is a holistic relationship between one pole and the other (they are complementary and form a unity when resolved), these oscillations (from one pole to the other) are generally out of phase with other oscillations. Even some of the natural oscillations such as atoms are, in general, out of phase with their neighbours---a property of this 3D and, at the psychological level, giving an arena for problems and lessons. Thus the oscillations, even for atoms, are not in step or in phase with their neighbours (except in advanced spacecraft propulsion systems, or large quantum states, unity, Bose-Einstein condensates).

Let us consider the duality, evil/receivers of evil. There is no single pole, evil, on its own. It can only be created with an opposite such as receivers of evil (victims). From a higher non-spacetime perspective there is no evil because it is already 'cancelled' from this higher viewpoint---this mechanism of dualities protects the whole. From the higher perspective both sides are perceived simultaneously---each side, perpetrator/victim requires the other for balance. This may be hard to believe but again it is physics and not so different from phase-conjugation of energy and time, etc. in quantum mechanics. External balance will be sought, but internal balance and unity of the two poles, present in both parties, must be achieved to remove the evil (and also the victim role).

Remember, the two poles, if they come together, disappear and are replaced by higher-dimensional unity. (In particle physics the particle and antiparticle when they come together form a unity no longer detectable in 3D.) This doesn't necessarily mean evil and receivers come together to form unity---though they could mindwise---but that this duality (evil/receivers) is an external reflection of the same duality within the individual's internal world of consciousness (mind, spirit, etc.). When the internal condition is balanced, the external negative behaviour disappears---is no longer part of the person's reality.

There are other kinds of (horizontal) dualities or pairs which we do not recognise as opposite. For example, in quantum physics there are such pairs, called conjugates (already mentioned), as time/energy, position/velocity**.

Let us now take a brief look at 'vertical ' duality. In quantum physics, quantum reduction occurs from the quantum reality (of phase-correlation, which is holistic) to the material reality (phase-randomisation), that is, in one step. This could be called a 'vertical' duality. Energy is oscillating into our material reality (and out again) from the quantum reality. (In truth though this is a fine gradient from higher dimensions to 3D, etc.)

From the new physics viewpoint the energies are transducing from higher dimensions to lower dimensions, that is, from greater wholes to lesser wholes (and also the reverse of this is occurring lesser wholes to greater wholes---quantum regeneration).

What happens to the two-polarity system as we ascend the scale, that is, evolve (this applies to both the nature of matter and consciousness)? One theory is that the opposite nature of this oscillation on the lower levels gradually converts to a cyclic 'oscillation' in which the two poles are assimilated, unified, and in effect rotate around in a vortex action---now 'aiding' one another rather than opposing. Thus both sides of, say, a love/hate dichotomy would gradually become more compatible, making the compulsive aberration of either side easier to overcome. In addition, in this ascension process, separate vortices become more in phase with one another. Undivided wholeness (for example, a quantum state) is created by putting its parts into phase (into harmony, resonance, 'on the same wave length'). The parts are now only potential within this holistic system but can manifest on lower-dimensional levels as separate parts, representing the whole. Note that 4D geometry, or a flow in 4D, can avoid conflicts of direction; what would be an opposition in 3D (for example, two arrows pushing against one another in an oscillation) can be a continuous uninterrupted flow in 4D. Hence the use of the word 'cyclic'.

The undivided whole is effectively a single pole operation---the nondual nature of consciousness. It would appear to be cyclic. Realities will thus be expected to be structured out of harmonic vortices in the upper astral, mental and spiritual worlds with the potential to be free from conflicting opposites.

We thus see that 'beyond duality' is referring to evolution into the higher-frequency worlds, in which the negative dualities are eliminated. Nevertheless there will still be positive polarities, though (as already alluded to) even these would decrease in degree of separateness and approach unity, for example, gravity/antigravity but, in particular, the particle/antiparticle characteristics (see cosmic map article). The latter duality (particle/antiparticle), included in the list above is a positive natural polarity and extends into higher universes, for example, as particle and antiparticle universes. Let's take this a little further.

Understanding fractals was a huge breakthrough in mathematics and science. What is not recognised is that fractals extend internally as well as externally. It will be found that polarities are also fractalised. Our particle/antiparticle dimension is within the context of a further higher-order particle/antiparticle system, and so on, that is, there will be a hierarchical system of polarities. The reason why science falls into the trap of not being aware of this, is illustrated by the experimental observation that the particle and antiparticle in collision annihilate one another---thus giving a zero and a mental and intellectual barrier which one cannot expand beyond (knowledgewise). But if it is recognised that this zero is relative; and in fact relative to the next higher-order fractal level, then one will avoid dogmatic, closed systems, which clearly prevent the proper evolution of knowledge. Thus the particle and antiparticle coming together apparently form a unity (in inner space), or zero (in our space), but actually is now part of another and thus has a polarity bias in the next fractal level. It is now part of a level-2 polarity but with poles less separated, less contrasted; and so on for further higher levels going back to total integration, source (and no polarity), just as a twig connects back through branches to the tree trunk (source).

The above discussion of extended and hierarchical polarities is far too brief here for much comprehension but it links up with the cosmic map article in the ET section, which for this comparison is recommended to anyone sufficiently open-minded and non-dogmatic.


*Briefly, although all basic energies are vibrations, that is, of a wave-like nature, these energies will manifest a particle reality when observed objectively (by out-of-phase detection systems which include the ego perception). If one allows the energies to pass through two apertures (as in the two-slit experiment), an interference pattern is created on a screen. This verifies the wave nature of the energy. However, if one uses a detection system such as a photon counter, the energy will manifest a particle reality. Thus whether wave or particle characteristic depends on the method of observation. This is called a contextual observation; what is observed is in the context of the observer. Science has not yet recognised that all experience and perception is in the context of the observer. Man creates (and selects) his own reality---within fractal limitations and preset experiential programmes).

**The wave-particle duality of quantum theory, although it has its counterpart in the above-mentioned duality---position/velocity (or momentum)---can be considered to be a 'vertical' duality since the waves have many probabilities, indicating higher dimensions (the particle is one probability in 3D). Nevertheless the wave-particle duality, from a lower perspective, might be considered to manifest a horizontal polarity, for example, an oscillation between space (an expansion) and a point (contraction into the particle).

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