(March, 2002)

By N. Huntley

One may recall the excitement within the New-Age field of the so-called 11:11, also the 12:12. This occurred in the '80s and '90s, but originated sooner. Various notions were passed around as to the meanings of these numbers; for example, the opening of spiritual gateways, with dates such as 1/11/92 and 12/12/94 relating to this opening and closing of the gates.

It is not surprising that there was lack of comprehension for two reasons, 1) the activity signified by the 11:11 and 12:12 involved a physics thousands of years ahead of us, and 2) humans have not only been kept in the dark by the Illuminati/secret government but also by ETs, sometimes through channellings. If the reader can wade through a little background physics an understanding of the significance of these numbers 11:11/12:12 will be facilitated.

The vortex (like a whirlpool except that this is only 2D--on a surface) is the basic form which energy takes to transduce spacetime frequencies from one dimension to another (suppression of true knowledge within science removed this concept). Consequently it is also the form by which creation comes into existence. All energies are oscillating and spiralling. The vortex spiral may be pictured as two interacting spirals; like two cone-shaped springs entangled at their points. It can also be pictured as their bases interacting, depending on the shape of the energy--like two cones, base to base--hence the tetrahedron shape. Also the degree of intersection of the two spirals is a variable. A general symbolic picture is obtained by imagining two triangles (sections of the two cones) intersecting through one another, forming the well-known six-pointed star.

This double spiral has been called the merkaba. We will not describe the configuration of the higher-dimensional merkaba here (see author's article on the basic energy unit), only its expression in 3D, which is electromagnetic. One can picture the double spirals lined up vertically, with the electrical clockwise spiral on top and the magnetic anticlockwise spiral below.

The specific data here relating directly to this event is taken from the Voyagers books by Anna Hayes/Ashayana Deane. The 11:11 and 12:12 in this case refer to a frequency fence which is designated by the Guardian Alliance as the 11:11/12:12 frequency fence.

Prior to 1972 (in fact since 1943, following the Philadelphia Experiment) astronomers noted increasing numbers of Sun flares. In fact some astronomers predicted an explosion around 1972 on the Sun which could have jeopardised all life on Earth. This information wasn't given wide publicity.

The Guardian ETs apparently call this excessive radiation from the Sun a Red Pulse (colours refer to different parts of the energy spectrum; they are not necessarily seen with the naked eye). The Guardians claim this pulse would have vaporised Earth's surface.

To protect us (which is allowed since the Resistance Zeta ETs deliberately misaligned the Sun's and Earth's coded relationship) the Guardians created the 11:11/12:12 frequency fence. The Red Pulse from the Sun would transmit on the electrical overtones of the first dimensional (D1) band of frequencies. This would resonate with D1 electrical overtones of Earth's fields, creating destruction. (Note: the dimensional structure of our material existence is D1, D2, D3; three spectral dimensional bands of frequencies forming a 3D structure.)

Recall the merkaba: the electrical spiral is referred to as having 12 overtones at the 'top', and the magnetic spiral consists of 12 base tones at the 'bottom'. Each dimensional band has a major merkaba (such as D1 or D2 or D3; also D1D2D3 as a whole 3D structure has a larger single merkaba). In order to block the Red Pulse the Guardians removed the electrical overtones from the D1 band of Earth's body, thus preventing resonance of the Red Pulse frequencies with those of Earth's. With the removal of these components, however, in the first dimension, the 4D frequencies additionally impinging on Earth from the pulse couldn't be processed (without D1 being intact). This would cause the Earth's core to explode. Thus the Guardians also removed what was necessary from Earth's 4D band (astral level), which was, in this case, 11 out of 12 of the electrical overtones and 11 out of 12 of the magnetic base tones from the 4D merkaba. This absence now successfully blocked the Red Pulse and was named the 11:11/12:12 frequency fence. Just to make it more confusing the period during removal of the frequency fence was in fact between 1/11/92 and 12/12/94---dates containing similar numbers.

Now having established this frequency fence, further problems were created. If the frequency fence remained for too long, the human race wouldn't evolve at the critical time during the ascension cycles (from around 2000 to 2017). The Arc of the Covenant (to be explained in further articles) wouldn't 'spark' by 1986 and also the frequency fence was blocking ascension into the 4D frequencies.

It was also assisting the Zeta seal frequency fence of 1748. When this occurred in 1748 the Guardians created a 4D Earth grid imprint, known as the artificial Christ consciousness grid. This overrode the Zeta frequency fence, causing it to deteriorate and enabling man to evolve. Unfortunately the frequency fence to block the Red Pulse also blocked the artificial grid putting the Zeta seal back on line. To align the Sun's electromagnetic energies with those of Earth was a task of some magnitude and by normal procedures would take too long--the Arc would not spark on time for the next step in the ascension process.

The Guardians thus had to accelerate the program in transmitting the corrected codes to the Sun. But a hastened realignment would unstabilise Earth's surface, causing cataclysms. Since the frequency fence was still up, however, it enabled the Guardians to use holographic insert technology to compensate for Earth's instabilities.

The strategy was successful. The Sun's alignment with Earth was restored. The frequency fence was removed, the holographic inserts cancelled, the Arc triggered the next phase in the ascension, and the Zeta seal was weakening under the 4D artificial grid.

The Zeta frequency fence put us under the subliminal control of the Zeta mind complex collective and created distortions in consciousness and also genetic mutations. In particular, it blocked the 4D astral band, preventing our evolution. To date, the effect of the Zeta seal within the human body has been released and the Zeta mind complex disconnected. The ascension process is on schedule but there are many more steps and potential pitfalls.

How did the Zetas imbalance the Sun and what was the purpose or purposes of this nefarious plan? See the article on the Philadelphia Experiment.

As a final comment but by no means bringing to an end this subject of the ramifications of 11:11 and the widespread synchronicities of these numbers arising in many people's lives (see websites on this), let us briefly present even greater hidden origins to this number 11:11, and also 12:12.

The author's Cosmic Map article shows the universal time matrix or the Kathara grid (similar to the Kabbala) with the numbered spheres, which are star gates. The application of the Golden Fleece, part of the Arc of the Covenant activation (see article on the Arc of the Covenant), brings about certain energy alignments in our time matrix---giving a temporary protective Arc Zone during the purification period (resetting the Divine blueprint and cosmic clock). An electrical code referred to as the 11:11 activates this Golden Fleece. Next, the Golden Fleece enters into an axis realignment finalising with a 12:12 code activation and the beginning of the purification. Here the numbers 11:11 originate from the fact that the Arc of the Covenant interfaces stargate connections in our universal time matrix, and solar and planetary systems, which are all numbered 11. The number 12 relates to the 12-code pulse of our 12th star gate and to another sequence of interfacing star gates. Also our matrix coincides with our parallel matrix at the star gates number 12 of each matrix.

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