September 27, 2010

Noel Huntley

Of course, we must define what we mean by 'death' and 'you'. There is not just the death of the body but also potentially the death of the mind---a kind of spiritual death. However, we shall see that there is still something left---a fundamental state of sentience beyond space and time.

The 'you' does not refer to the body and brain---which obviously dies, disintegrates. Unfortunately many think they are the body, thanks to the extraordinary falsehoods being taught on this planet.

Let us begin by utilising the Big Bang theory regarding its extraordinary scientific irrationality that the universe came into existence from nothing; not to mention from a random explosion. To retain some modicum of sanity here, science must postulate a beginning state. This state must be beyond (on the other side of) space and time---any scientist knows it would be weak physics to begin with space or time. Spacetime is a construct in itself; it has to be created. Thus a condition basic to time means no-time, an eternal condition. But 'eternal' does not mean 'goes on forever', since here one is using the term 'time' to describe it. 'Eternal' is just a now state---replace the concept of a time line with a thereness 'everywhere' (no past or future).

What we need is a 'blank slate' condition that precedes all information, data, for the beginning state of the creation of universes, species, particles, etc. This is a state prior to the manifestation of space and time, but since it exists eternally, then it is here now and in all 'nows' (time) at once. It is the essence of the living, alive state. It thus cannot have separate parts (since this instantly implies space and then time); it can only be whole. Also, it cannot be quantifiable, since this very term and its procedures are based in space and time. Science must accept this. So what aspect of life, such as that within humans, free from all quantifiable aspects, could satisfy these conditions, that is, provide the condition of 'blank slate', no spacetime constructs, no objective information?

Let us use an analogy to aid clarification of this. The television picture is created from a waveband, which the antenna picks up by resonance. For those who don't know what a waveband is, just picture a group of rows of wavy lines---these are frequencies. It's the modulations of these basic (sine) waves which is the information that translates into the picture. If we wipe out the patterns on the basic waves the picture disappears, and we have the blank-slate condition. The picture is the analogy for the universe, or environment, or any of creation, that is now absent. But in reality something still remains. In this case of the waveband, the basic sine waves would still be present in space and would of course be quantifiable, but this is where the analogy is limited---just recognise that the modulation patterns, representing physicality (including energy) have gone.

Now consider the human mind/consciousness, and as an illustration carry out a similar imaginary process. What happens if we create the blank-slate condition, that is, all information removed? That means we remove the body and brain (such as in physical death). What about the mind and consciousness? Most people recognise a mind and consciousness as separate from the brain, meaning they are not byproducts of the brain. We are looking for a nonquantifiable state to provide a beginning for all evolutionary existences, in which these existences that we conceive of are actually physical (including energy) and therefore quantifiable.

Now, anything quantifiable (such as the brain-body) is not compatible with that which is experiential. We can't explain the sense of experience (or emotion). The qualitative and sentient aspects of pure experience, such as in apprehending music or art, are not amenable to quantifying procedures. We must remove now all information from the mind, such as memory, personality traits, identity and individuality formatting, etc.---similar to removing all modulations from the television waveband. We are left with a raw, native-state awareness; a fundamental qualitative state of sentience---a blank slate to all information or quantitative conditions or analysis. It is sheer 'aliveness' (the innate state of sentience free from informational structures). If one brought this condition about, it would have no independent identity, no energy framework, and would automatically recycle back to the Source ('God'). It is an eternal condition (with no location).

Many scientists and top mathematicians not only believe that order can be created from random initial conditions but, moreover, consider that cellular automata (a computer programme procedure that allows identical elements, such as cell simulations, to develop into ordered patterns) proves this possibility. Note that the Big Bang requires that both order and (therefore) matter to spring forth from a void---here, with the computer model, we are addressing the order from randomness.

What tends to be omitted or understated in the cellular automata experiment is that the programmer entered a few simple rules at the start. This thus shows quite the contrary to what is being claimed; it shows that the order required those initial conditions. In reality, a universe could require blueprints from which to evolve. And since universes are immensely complex (even far more complex than current science proposes), those 'simple rules' become quite elaborate blueprints. Thus just as scientists must input the initial conditions to create order in the computer programme, so the evolution of universal systems require initial informational conditions.

It is the highest level of logic that a beginning state of all creation is a continuum with unity and no boundaries. It is the final single-state fractal level, just as the twig fractal level on a tree goes from twig to increasing organisation and integration through the branches, reducing in number to the single source or fractal level at the tree trunk (see article The Fractal Tree). Thus even quantitatively the system (universe/tree) is approaching a single state at the source (trunk), the final (or first) fractal level.

Now the 'eternal sentience' described above, provides the experiential and subjective basis for this origin. Blueprints provide the templates with an energy/spacetime framework for growth of patterns for and from the awareness/sentient state and the formation of consciousness---and the first signs of objectification appear from the initial subjective experiential condition. We won't pursue this further since we have already proposed the requirements for the 'deathless' state, which is the subject of this article.

Nevertheless, it is of interest to clarify that the average individual would normally only die in body (and brain) but the energy structure of the mind, merged and interfaced with its input, consciousness, would continue existence with all memories and abilities (except that ours are shut down beyond this life). Note that, strictly, consciousness will be partly quantifiable since it will contain subtle, higher-frequency modulations within the basic eternal sentient awareness. Consciousness might be described as the intermediary between mind mechanism and the eternal sentience. By 'mind' here we mean the quantifiable mechanical/physical/energy aspects for storage of memory, learning patterns, processing information, and intellectual capacity. By 'eternal sentience' we mean the nonquantifiable experiential innate awareness. Consciousness thus contains something of both. The spiritual death or requirements of a full purification of a lifeform (say, if demonic), would mean erasure of physical, mind and consciousness structures, leaving exposed the basic unadulterated sentience.

This article is not about 'karma' but let us briefly state that there are different orders of karma. We have the 'ground-level' karma, in which the universe will try to restore the imbalance we create from harmful acts, by returning the flow back to us. A higher 'spiritual' level of karma could erase the mind/personality modulations of consciousness (as described above) where this is endangering the integrity of the holographic fractal multiverse (universes within universes).

In summary, we required a beginning state that was beyond the quantifiable form---otherwise it would have space and time characteristics (which is a logically and totally unsatisfactory beginning since it automatically implies it is made up of parts and we proposed that the experiential state, a state of quality and sentience, satisfied the requirement). Such a condition can be considered to have no tangible aspects but contains intrinsically infinite probabilities (as per, in fact, our mathematical quantum reality of quantum physics from which springs all possibilities).

This very awake eternal sentient state, the deathless existence, would have inherently unbroken wholeness, would be innately holographic and infinitely nonlinear, the very characteristics that we exercise in the apprehension of (proper) art and music and all (experiential) qualitative states. It cannot be comprehended by intellectual analysis. The intellect is a quantifying and quantifiable apparatus, acquiring objective indirect representational knowledge; it can't understand the experiential, the subjective, in the same manner it can't understand great art or the nature of unity, both of which require experiential direct (connected) knowing.

There is no experiential death; only informational death.

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